Tooth Fairy

  • Recently, my oldest daughter lost her first tooth! I did not consult anyone before determining I would give her $2 under her pillow (plus $1 to her little sister just because!). One of my friends informed me that I may have short-changed her! I was paid $.25 for my first tooth in the mid 70’s, so I thought I was in the right ballpark. What do you give your kids from the “Tooth Fairy?” --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Your oldest is what 5-6 years old? I think 2 dollars is plenty, not to mention they don't have a great concept of what is a lot of money at that age anyway. Its enough for a candy bar (it will keep the "tooth fairy" in business haha). i think that i will be giving hazel about the same amount when she starts to loose her teeth. if she wants to spend it on something then it will give me the opportunity to strike a deal with her so that she can earn the rest of what she needs for what she wants.

  • It sounds like it's time for a piggy bank!  What about doing one of those special one dollar coins, or two dollar ones?  That makes it harder to spend!


  • Actually guys, I don't know about having that idea. But as I observed you guys have a very nice idea and like to know more about it. I will kept on following some of the post here for me learn from you all guys.


  • I have heard some outrageous amounts that people are paying their kids. I have some friends who said they slipped a $10 bill under their kid's pillow for the first one. I think that's pretty excessive. :-p Your tooth fairy allowance sounds about right to me. I'll probably do 2 bucks for the first tooth and then a dollar from there on out. It's enough to pick out a small treat at the store or something. Plus, if they want something bigger, you can start to teach about saving! :-) 

  • Thanks for the input here ladies... Now that my oldest has lost her first, about five more are loose and she tugs at them constantly. I can't imagine if I was the parent who gives $10 per tooth... I'd be broke!

  • I think that coins are the way to go.  2.00$ in quarters is a lot more exciting for some kids than a 5$ bill.  The coins they can practice counting and keep stored somewhere special.


  • My fiance and I have talked about the tooth fairy. For the first tooth we decided a two dollar bill. They aren't commonly seen so it has a slight magical feel to it. Then for every tooth after a gold dollar coin. However if the tooth had a filling from a cavity then a fifty cent piece with an explanation that the tooth fairy wants cavity free teeth.

    The idea of playing the tooth fairy and paying with uncommon coins and dollars just makes it magical because it would take longer for the kids to catch on because mommy and daddy don't usually carry those monetary units around. We have a little safe lock box that we have have about $20 dollars of the above mentioned monies for just in case incidents. Don't want to be caught off guard if they lose a tooth!

  • skatieyonts... I love that idea!!! especially giving less money for filled teeth and an explanation that the tooth fairy likes healthy teeth.

  • I LOVE that idea Brinny!  It gives lots of incentive for brushing and flossing!  You really could write a children's book around that idea. :)


  • The tooth fairy is a tricky thing...but here is what I do: For their first tooth, they each get a GOLD dollar. This is special and sets it apart from the others. Then each additional tooth is worth various money. Sometimes it is worth $3, sometimes just $2...and one time $5. I explained that each tooth is worth different amounts to the tooth fairy and that only she knows the exact amount. This helps when it is late at night and I can't find any change!! LOL! 

    When my kids came home telling me of stories that other kids got $10,etc..I just explained that every family has a different tooth fairy that is special and specific for that family..but I bet those kids didn't get gold dollars. They usually like that explaination. I also explained that each tooth fairy is handed down from generation to generation and stays with a specific family for life. I know it seems like a lot of work for a "fairy tale", but this is the only time we have for their to be real magic in the world and I am not ready to give that up just yet. ;) 

  • Lots of great answers... I feel like I am quite prepared for my daughter's next lost tooth (which should be any day now!). Thanks everybody and keep the input coming!

  • Hahaha - I love the stories about cavity free teeth and digging for change late at night! Gotta love parenting. :-)