Mom friends?

  • Wondering if any Moms in the Dubuque, Iowa area would like to become friends. I use to live here a couple years ago, but since then friends have gone. Looking for someone to chat with and do thing in general with.

    or Mom groups in the Dubuque area!

  • I'm a couple hours away in Cedar Rapids


  • Hey Brinny, if I was still going to Des Moines I'd say lets visit, but we can definitely talk! (:

    How many little ones do you have?

  • I have one little girl (Hazel) for now. We have agreed to talk about the possibility of adding another soonish, but no real plans yet. I think i read on another post that you're a first time mom? so i'm assuming you also only have one. What brought you back to Dubuque?

  • Aw! Hazel is a beautiful name (: yay! Are you hoping for a boy this time or doesn't matter? I came back to dubuque bc chris and I were going through troubles so I wanted to be closer to my family for the pregnancy. Chris ended up straightening his act so he moved down here to be with us (:

  • Thanks, we found it in my fiances family tree about seven generations back. I would really love to add a boy, but i would be perfectly happy with another little girl too. My fiance is convinced that when we finally try for another baby that it will be a girl also. He says it's just a feeling he has haha. Well it's good to hear that you're close to family and that Chris (boyfriend, husband?) has changed for the better and is with you also. 

  • I swear I replied to this, sorry. But that is awesome keeping it in the family (: and that's great i'm not sure If I could handle sisters ;p lol but my brother and I were probably not much different lol Chris is my boyfriends and yes he has, So much better, and I'm thankful for that, he really use to be a monster. He's a completely different person, more like the man I thought I felll in love with in the begining before I realized how wrong I was lol, but it's great now (: