Getting through storms and other natural disasters with a family

  • This year there were many different storms and hurricanes that caused a lot of destruction across the United States. When you have a family, even a power outage can be a difficult time. How do you keep a family occupied and safe during storm power outages?  ~Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Being someone who grew up in the valley of a rural area i definitely know what it is like to lose power during a storm or have a flood take over your yard. Our family loves storms so we would sit out and watch them pass by (only when it was safe of course). We always had a lot of candles on hand so that when the power went out we had some means of light and we had 5 gallon buckets of water so that we could flush the toilets. We had a gas range so cooking was not an issue for us so long as we had clean water to cook with. We didn't have a generator when i was a kid, but with them being much more affordable now it would be handy to have one so that you can keep your freezers and refrigerators cool.... Also never underestimate the power of board games, puzzles, coloring books, and even games like " I see something you don't see". .. Putting focus on Games always helped  take our minds off of what was going on around us.... As far as staying safe is concerned it really depends on where you live and what kind of encounter you are having with mother nature. I'm sure you can contact your local police and fire departments on safety tips or where to go in your area. For example the mall in the city i live in had a storm shelter in the basement that is open to the public....Those are the things you want to know in the event of a tornado, severe thunder storm, earthquake, hurricane, tropical storm, flash flood.... In addition always communicate with your children a clear safe route out of the house or where ever they should go in the event of emergencies and you can not get to them.  

  • I think that it's really important to have a disaster kit put together with many things-one of them being entertainment for the kiddos.  Now medical supplies, water, food, supplies for the pets, a change of clothes, warm blankets, flashlights, ect take priority...but what about some special books tucked away, cards can entertain for hours.  Even a deck of uno cards! Go fish and matching games.  Then extra batteries and a radio or cd player would help.


  • Agreed with the idea of being prepared... we live in Ocean, NJ so we are close to the beach but not close enough to have been affected by flooding. We have had a major hurricane blow through each of the past two summers and it made is re-think our preparedness. I wanted to let the kids know of the seriousness of the situation without scaring them. So I included the older kids in the preparations like going to get gas and groceries, batteries for our flashlights and putting together an emergency kit. The first hurricane we had a tornado warning and the whole family went into the basement to sleep there for safety.

  • Yes it is never a bad idea to be prepared. Bottled water, formula, diapers, food all tucked away in the basement somewhere for emergencies. In addtion, a flashlight that works, candles, emergency numbers, etc... We live in tornado country so it is always possible that we will get stuck in our basement for a while!

  • I remember when my fiance and I first got together we lived worlds apart (Me just south of Indy, Him sunny central Oregon)... He lived in the safety of the mountains and had never really experienced a real storm. (His idea of a thunderstorm was some eggshell white clouds and a little rolling thunder that didn't even shake the earth). Anyhow We used to talk on the phone a lot as a means of staying close while being so far apart; and there were several instances in which i would have to tell him that if we were cut off it was because I was taking shelter in the basement. He thought that i was over-exaggerating the power of the storms that the Midwest is capable of producing... until he moved to Indy. Every storm that passed through he was terrified and swore that we would be moving back west where it was safe. But don't be fooled Even Central Oregon can't be safe for too long. They say the three sisters (mountains that are apart of the cascades) are actually active and growing.... Just goes to show you that you never know what mother nature has in store for you.

  • Great statement Brinny.  Even here in Washington where I live we are working on getting our house disaster ready!  We could have an earthquake at any time, but don't think about this like our california neighbors do.