My husband lost his job---what do I do?

  • My husband lost his job when our 5th baby was just 3 weeks old. I hate seeing him so unhappy and confused now about the direction his career is heading and I know he is worried about providing for us all. How can I be supportive of him and encourage him during this difficult time?  -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Oh goodness this can be a touchy issue. When we were in that situation I would just reassure my fiance that he is Awesome at what he does (which is not a lie, he is one of the best at what he does, but in turn that makes him unaffordable for most people) and there is/ will be something out there for him.. he just had to find it. In the meantime maybe encourage him to look at other options to help fill in the gaps until the position he wants open up. in \any case have faith, we all struggle and somehow we manage to make it through. I wish him all the luck and hope things turn around soon.

  • So sorry to hear of your family's trouble Bonnie. Losing a job is never a pleasant thing and for your husband, I am sure he will feel like a failure until he gets another job, no matter how encouraging and supportive you are. All you can do is try to put things in perspective. As long as you and your kids are healthy, you are ahead of many people. Everything else is fixable, so keep things in perspective and have your husband be ultra aggressive in this tough job market.  Good luck Bonnie!

  • Oh my gosh, that is really stressful and I know that must be impacting the entire family.  My best friend went through that last year and it was really hard.  She ended up taking a job at a coffee shop where she could go in to work from 4am-noon and so dad did morning with the girls. Then when she got home he was able to do some job searching and I know it was really important for him to go to the gym and workout as  way to cope.  They got through it and he go a great job for a big university.  She was able to quit her coffee house job and is now full time mom.  I know she gave him space when he needed it, but was right there for him when he needed to talk.  I Know she encouraged him to do things that helped him cope-like going to the gym.  It was hard but they got through it.  I was so proud of her for jumping in and getting a job doing whatever she could at that point-which was a barista.  This is a gal with a Masters degree in social work that had been running a medical clinic before she started having babies.  Hang in there, and know you are not alone, and that things do get better.


  • Thanks for your encouraging words. Things are going well and he has been pretty up beat and positive about everything. This economy is tough, but if we can stay positive and focused it will all turn out fine in the end. I have faith!