• My father is turning 75 this year and to celebrate, my parents have invited our entire extended family on a cruise. We are very excited about going, but my mother is insisting our three kids, including a 1-year old come along. My wife and I are just not comfortable taking our youngest on a cruise at that age, and we have someone who will watch her. Are we being stubborn?--Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • If you aren't comfortable with it and you think it would be best that he stay behind then that is what you should do. Although i do think you need to take some time to consider how that may affect him being away from you for so long. You know you're coming back in however long, but to him you will have just disappeared and that may be hard for him. I know babies adjust really quickly, but i don't think i could handle leaving Hazel behind. I don't see a really clear reason not to take him because there will always be enough adults around to make sure he is being cared for so everyone can still have a good time, they make high spf sun screen, hats for babies, plus sun is good for him. You could even ok the trip with his doctor to make sure he is properly vaccinated if need be, and get some suggestions for sun protection and maybe portable medical records so they are on hand just in case. I don't think there is a write or wrong answer here, because it really is all in what you feel is in your sons best interest and what you are most comfortable with.   

  • Great points Brinny... Still trying to make the right decision, but need to lock in reservations soon...

  • It might help to talk with a customer service rep at the cruise line to find out how they accommodate for younger sailors.  Do they have day care on the ship?  What about safety features? Meal options? Cruise nurses and physician? Entertainment for toddlers?

    Those are a few topics that it might help to review with them,

    Good luck!


  • Awesome suggestion Jess! 

  • Jess I took your advice and called customer service and they pretty much clinched that the baby is not coming along. Thanks so much for your advice! Once I was armed with the facts, the rest of the family understood and accepted our logic. Bon voyage come June!

  • I'm so glad that was helpful! Big Smile

  • Jess - nice idea!! Sometimes the obvious answer eludes me in situations like this. I'll have to remember this when planning any trips, etc. and considering vacation destinations.