• We all know that we need to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but how do you manage to get your daily exercise in with your busy schedule? What is your routine? 

    I take my daughter to the park after breakfast to run and climb off her energy at the playground, then when she is tired enough for a nap i put her in her stroller and make a few laps around the walking trail. This morning i enjoyed a 2.4 mile walk with my daughter and admired all the blooming trees and bushes, birds, squirrels, ducks and geese... What a wonderful way to start off the day.

  • I joined a gym by my house which has an excellent child room. I can bring my kids there up to 2 hours a day and work out. It is nice because I get to workout and they get to play with other kids!

  • MommyRN-what a great service.  It's so hard to get to the gym in general but have that service must be a huge incentive to go.  My best friend takes her two girls to a gym and they love it and she gets both mommy mental time and she trains for triathlons.  Great combo of treating the mind and body so she can be a better mommy!  -Jess

  • Yes...it is hard enough to work out but if you have someplace where the kids can have fun, then they motivate you to go!

  • I take my kids to the park a lot and try to run with them - we have tons of walking trails here and now that the weather is getting better, I like to put them in the jogger and go for a walk/run. I have also joined a exercise group through my church that meets Saturday mornings and  my husband keeps the kids while I work out for an hour. 

  • As soon as I was cleared from my C-Section, I was back attending Zumba classes twice a week.  Now i'm 3-months post partum and I crazily accepted a class to instruct.  I am out-of-shape, full figured (SIze 18/20), and out of breath while practicing but I hope I get a lot of energy when it's my first day of teaching (Which I do feel better the more i practice).  


    I've planned to work out  3 to 4 days a week.  1 day of Zumba, 1 day of Jazzercise, 2 days either in the gym or at home doing strength training w/ weights.  My 3-month old daughter loves to watch me practice my routines, she stars and smiles.  It's very challenging as a mother to workout, my boyfriend is very good with allowing me my time.  Him and my daughter often go for walks during the day but we may all start going for walks soon.

  • We go to the park a lot too but Brinny I like planning exercise at the park after they run around on the playground. Add a healthy snack for the kids and you could easily do 45 minutes of brisk paced stroller walking. Have to try it!

  • I loved reading all the ways to fit in exercise!  Great job moms and dads!


  • that is Awesome perfectpurple!!! Way to Go! I have found it very difficult to exercise at home while my daughter is awake. I have this Jillian Michaels workout video and anytime i try to do the moves my daughter is clinging to my legs preventing me from working out. I have tried to make a game of it for her by having her try to copy me. so there are some moves that she will do along with me like the stretching, but when it comes time for jumping jacks or anything that requires me to move my legs she is right there trying to prevent that from happening lol. So right now since the weather has been nice we walk around our park trail going the difficult direction and i try to make as many laps as i can before my daughter wakes up or starts to fight the stroller. Then we go and play on the play ground and i wind up climbing all over that thing with her because she will just run off the platforms if if don't. So i suppose i get a little extra in that way too...

  • It's all about doing what you can. Park a little farther away from the store so you have to walk, take the stairs when you can, do 30 crunches, 10 push ups, and 30 squats several times a day whenever your little one will give you a few minutes. I put my 10 month old on my stomach and do crunches and tickle him when I come up....he loves it. Then I put him underneath me and push up and down and kiss him. I hold him and do squats! He is a great 20lb weight! :) Get creative! 

  • I'm wondering if any of our mom's and dad's wear a pedometer?  I'd love to know how much you are walking just following those kiddos that are of walking and crawling age along?!  That seems like quite a bit of exercise in itself!


  • Brinny that's a great way to exercise. I know Bodyrocktv on youtube has a lot of 12 or less minute workouts do once a day, and it's only 12 mins. plus getting dressed and ready maybe 30, and shower another 10-15...That's about a nap for my little one lol. But I know a guy who fits it in throughout the day. He'll do like 10-15 reps of crunches/pushups/squats/etc like 3-4 times a day. If you do something like that then you don't really get sweaty and wont have to worry about a shower. I know what I did with my daughter before she got moving was put her in a chair and played peekaboo throughout my shower. That way she didn't cry bc she was alone and didn't get bored while I showered lol...I don't trust her napping and me showering..if she wakes up I either have to listen to her scream or end my shower.