What is your favorite cleaning product?

  • As mothers, most of the housework sadly falls to us. I recently found that Windex sells a kitchen spray that is great on my black countertops and leaves NO streaks! What are some of your favorite cleaning products that help you tackle the housework? -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • For all things stain-related, we use Oxyclean... gets out stains on furniture and carpet and also works on tough stains in the laundry.

  • I have a small love affair with oxy clean lol... and Woolight pet for the carpet. in addition to my daughter i have two messy dogs tracking things in and out so the carpet and furniture is a constant battle for me. another awesome cleaning item for things like the sticky stuff left behind by tape is (you're never going to believe this) California Scents citrus spray. When i was remodeling Lowes Home improvement stores that was what we used to get the sticky foam tape off of the beams. It works wonders and smells like skittles, but you have to be careful with it around painted things and some plastics... It will remove the paint and melt some plastic, but will get rid of anything sticky. Rubbing alcohol for marker and pen and i recently learned that i can use Rubbing alcohol to clean stains out of  my microfiber furniture!!!  

  • I am in love with Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes because it seems like I'm always cleaning a big sticky mess off the floor or wiping down counters with them. I love that they disinfect!! 

  • Well Julie, you and I are one in the same as i LOVE CLOROX wipes!  I love that they don't require "spraying" chemicals so for those of us with allergies and asthma the impact on lungs is much lower.  Of coarse they also offer great cleaning capabilities getting rid of all those germs.