New to this.

  • Hello, My name's Brittani I'm a stay at home mommy. I have two boys the oldest is Bradyn he will be 5 in September and my youngest is Karson and he will be 5 months on June 7th. I'm just trying to find Mummies to talk too.

  • Hi Brittani! So glad to see you on here - I have two boys as well! My oldest is 3 and my little one is 8 months! I find myself pretty busy these days - I imagine you do too! Does your oldest attend any school yet? How did you meet your husband/boyfriend? :-) Looking forward to chatting! 

  • My oldest doesn't go to school yet h  Will start pre k in August :) ( mommy is looking forward to that lol) me and husband met through a mutual friend. October will be 6 years we have been together and May 16th was our 4 year wedding anniversary :) what about you?


  • My son started preschool this spring and I DO love the break in the morning twice a week! You will enjoy it - it's a little bittersweet but it's a nice breather for sure. I met my husband when he rented the basement apartment at my uncle's house when we were in college. He was invited up to join the family dinners a few times when he didn't go home for holidays and we hit it off! We've been married 6 years this August! 
    What do you find to be the best part of parenting and the most challenging part? What kinds of things are YOU interested in? You know, in that life that you had before children? Lol :-)  

  • The best part is just knowing how much my boys love their momma :) and just watching them smile :) The most challenging is my 4 year olds mouth lol the stuff I liked to do before I had kids was going out and hanging out with friends. You find out who your friends are when you have kids. Where are you from?


  • I'm from Washington State - born and raised! What about you? I agree with you - boys love their mothers. ;-) My 3 year old is giving me a run for my money when it comes to pushing the limits of his independence. We are living a pretty parallel life! Hahaha

  • I'm in Texas :) born and raised 


  • Nice! I hope your area didn't get hit by those tornados that tore through a little while ago. :-( We had some friends in Granbury who were affected by it - so sad. 

  • No. We live closer to the dfw. Not that far from the airport actually. And I know so sad. I'm heartbroken for the people in OK :(

  • I can't even imagine. We don't deal with any of that in WA state - just your usual earthquake threats...someday we'll really get a big one! Got any big summer plans? 

  • Nothing big. My oldest son starts Vaction bible school in a couple weeks