• As I have been reading through many of these posts i am finding that several families have one parent working during the day and the other at night. So i was wondering how is it that you manage to keep your relationships with your spouses on the right track when you only have a small amount of time to spend with them each day? 

  • Brinny-You ask such good questions!  I would love to hear from others on this as well! -Jess

  • Well thank you... I was just really curious because i know that in the between times it can be easy for the children to consume 99% of the attention which leaves very little room for the parents to spend time together. My Fiance is gone about 12 hours a day so the weekend is usually spent as family time. Unfortunately we don't really have anyone around us who can take Hazel for the evening so we can go out, but we manage to make the best of the time we can get. We play a lot of board games and we enjoy cooking together.. so anyway that is where it all stemmed from.

  • I think it's great that you are building family activities into your time with your husband.  It sure is fun to cook together as then you can enjoy what you have made.  I also think cooking is great as you can start planning ahead of time what might be fun to make.  Often the planning is just as fun as the doing!


  • When I worked 3rd shift I only worked three days, and tbh I never slept, but when I did it'd be to my best when he was at work or our daughter napped. For us it wasn't a strain for being apart bc I sacrificed sleep....but if I worked any more than 3 days it'd be a dif story, I was damn near dead every Thursday, but life goes on (: