Decline work shower?

  • My wife’s colleagues are very kind and generous and have thrown her a baby shower (or sprinkle) for each of our three previous daughters. Many of her colleagues have recently been affected by Hurricane Sandy and she feels it is unnecessary for her co-workers to again stage a baby shower. Would it be impolite for her to make this known? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I don't think it is impolite to decline a baby shower (sprinkle) especially if there has already been one for each pregnancy. It really is all in how it is said. I think if she is concerned about being impolite about turning down their generosity then maybe throwing a charity party where things will be donated to the families who need it in your community. I think that may be a good compromise so that the colleagues can show their support and generosity and your wife doesn't feel like she is taking things from people who may be in more need than she is. Just a thought.

  • Thanks Brinny... she is feeling that they are going to disregard their wishes even if she tells them. She is going to ask for no gifts this time around, so we wills ee how it goes!

  • Curious how things went/are going?


  • Yea a baby shower with no gifts would be good, then they can still have a good time together. Let us know how it goes (:

  • They did throw her a shower and pooled their resources and got a gift card that was about $10 per person. My wife was thrilled that nobody spent big bucks, but she still got $200 to Babies R Us which always comes in handy! Everyone was happy!

  • That's great! Inexpensive and still a good amount, I'm glad it worked out! :D