Staying Connected

  • Some days with the kids, work, and household chores, it feels like my husband and I are just running around all day and barely talking to each other. To reconnect, sometimes we will sit on the couch and just take 10 minutes to ask each other about the day and how it went. What ways do you keep in touch with your partner? ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Texting throughout the day... With my fiance gone 12 hours a day it is hard to find time in the 3-4 hours before bed to just catch up. I know that for most people this would not be an option, but he is lucky enough to have a career that allows him that freedom. we talk when he takes his lunch brakes and try to make the most of our weekend time. 

  • I too need help in this area.... Last night we celebrated my birthday and due to a lack of communication I didn't know I needed to ask my mom to babysit for a few hours so our date out at Red Lobster included our daughter.  I have ordered tickets off stub hub for half price for us to see the Rams play Greenbay on my boyfriends birthday in August and plan to get a hotel off hotwire for half the cost. This will be the first time in soooo long we will have any uninterupted alone time. I try to send a quick thinking of you/miss you/love you bla bla bla text some days but often he's so busy at his fast paced job he doesn't have time to get it or reply, which hurts my feelings sometimes. We usually try to put our daughter to bed about 30 minutes to an hour before we go to sleep so we can lay in bed and gaze into each others eyes LOL LOL...and have some cuddle time. I know money is tight for everyone but it seems like taking a road trip away from everything and everyone helps us to unwind and enjoy each other without all the hustle and bustle!

  • Date night once a month. We go out to eat and reconnect over dinner and a few glasses of wine! Then we head home with a Redbox movie for a little movie night. 

  • Love all the ideas!! I love to text my husband little things throughout the day. I also love the idea of a quick hotel trip away for an event like football! I'll have to figure out how to incorporate that into something special for my husband's birthday. Redbox is also a fav of ours too! 

  • It's amazing how much of a positive impact a regular date night or quick one-day getaway can have. Last night my wife and I went out for pizza and beer and then played mini-golf! This would have made me yawn 10 years ago, but in our current life, a nice yawn is not a bad thing!