How do I begin a job after being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mommy)

  • Lately I have been thinking about getting a part time job. I think it will be good for me to earn some income of my own and to get out of the house for a couple hours a few days per week. However, my boyfriend which i live with works 5-7 days each week. His hours vary but he is usually gone from 8-13 hours a day. We usually only have Sat. together beginning in the afternoon and sundays as family time. Even then our days get interrupted with work. We have a 7 month old and this is the issues i am having on whether I should get a job or not. THe biggest issue is I have been a SAHM since day one. My daughter is now 7 months. I would hate to leave her but i want to feel like i am contributing monetarily or to begin building something for myself. I am too scared to leave her with a babysitter. The select few I would feel comfortable her being left with are not near by. I am super paranoid about leaving her with any of my boyfriends family just because I feel they are not "experienced" enough. <<Sound horrible? Zip it! One of the only people i would feel comfortable with is my sister but she has her own job. Is this reaction normal? My other worry is if i do get a part time job maybe work evenings or weekends and have her dad watch her  then we will not have our family time. Anybody felt the same way or have any advice? Will I feel differently when the time is right? 

  • The concern that you are expressing is one I have heard from just about every one of my friends/family in your situation!  It is hard to think about leaving that little one!  If you don't have to return to work immediately for financial reasons than what about starting slow and working your way up to returning to work.  perhaps having her stay with someone you trust for two hours the first time.  Then slowly build up to more hours as your comfort level increases.  You may always feel nervous about it, but with time and success in having separate time this should lessen.

    Let us know how things are going!


  • Think outside of the box---you can have it all! 

    My friend got a job at a local gym club. She works in the child room and they let her bring her baby there for free. Then she gets the best of both worlds. 

    You can also think about starting a stay at home business--like dog walking, house sitting, or even child care in your home. You can do it! 

  • I think, from experience, leaving your child with anyone is rather nerve wracking. You may ask around for some good day cares or nanny referral services. Take some time to get to know the people who work there and do your research. Just know that when you leave your little one, the first few days will feel horrible. It DOES get easier and you will adjust, if this is what you would like to do. Hang in there! 

  • Another option is telecommuting. There are many jobs available where you don't have to leave home and can work during hours that are convenient. Many job search sites have specific search options for telecommuting. You may be able to have the best of both worlds!