Stay at home Daddy

  • Right now, my husband is a stay at home dad and I am working to pay the bills. This is not necessarily by choice. He has had a difficult time finding a job after moving back home to be near family. He is really great with the kids but I want to make sure he feels like he is still just as wonderful to me as when he had a job. Are there any moms out there whose husbands are stay at home dads? How do you encourage him and help him feel like he is still your manly husband? :) ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • This is a tough one Julie, but a great point to be raised because more and more Dads are involved in raising children while moms are working. Speaking for myself, my wife and I are both educators, which affords me time to be off over the summer and spend great amounts of time with my brood. I personally do not think I would be cut out to be a full-time caregiver. Obviously if the situation called for it, I would be able to do it. I think you hit it on the head Julie... you need to do things that make him feel like an adult. How has he reacted so far?