Are there any BIG Families Out There?

  • My husband and I have 5 children and we struggle to find other big families in our area. Do you have a big family? How do you meet other families like yourselves? Share your stories! --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • We have four young children and most react to the fact that we have four like we are the Duggers! Oh my goodness four kids! I am sure it happens to you as well. I have one co-worker with four kids but they are significantly older than mine. One thing that has been good for us is we have a few friends with an only child and they are always looking for companionship for their child. The child offers a new dynamic with our family and gets to have a few siblings to play with for a change.

  • HAHAHA answer dad i TOTALLY get what you are saying. Even though I only have one child as of yet i grew up in a really large family. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters. When we would go out people would stare like my dad was dragging around his own personal baseball team or something haha. It never really bothered us what others thought. We were happy with our huge family.

  • I get the same responses! I just started playing along to quiet the "critics". When I was pregnant with my 5th child, I just started tell people that I was trying for my own reality show..:) I love it and wouldn't change a minute of it!

  • I guess the shock comes from how expensive it is to raise a family. My wife and I are fortunate to be employed in very stable jobs but we are middle class and raising kids in the northeast is EXPENSIVE! With three daughters people ask me about paying for weddings, paying for college, etc.  I'm concerned about being able to afford preschools now, let alone universities which will charge upwards of $250,000 for a degree by the time my oldest enters her freshman year in fall of 2024... I need to hit one of those $400 million pick six lotteries!

  • With 4 boys I get asked about our grocery bill a lot!!! I am already saving for college, but I have a feeling it will be a combination effort for getting our kids through school!!! Probably savings, scholarships, and loans!! LOL!

  • I have an old friend with five kids and the oldest is just graduating college and the youngest is 10. Each of the siblings agreed that they preferred to have college loans and not as much growing up in a large family than not having multiple siblings. That always makes me feel good about our choices. Regardless of savings, we will not be able to afford $1 million in college tuition unless there is divine intervention!  

  • MY latest baby is #7.  The gap between my oldest and youngest is 20 years and the gap between my 6th and 7th is 10 years.  At 6 I got lots of OMGs and surprised looks, now with 7 I get a lot of inappropriate responses like don't you believe in TV or other things of that nature.  I've also had people say I hope you are done now.  I didn't set out to have a large family but I love all my children their father and I both work full time jobs.  My oldest is in college and i have a deans list student, a valedictorian and a salutatorian.I am blessed and feel honored to have had the opportunity to raise such grand little people

  • fancy-

    What a wonderful job you have done, and how much fun it must be to see them grow and succeed!  Well done,


  • Thanks for sharing Fancy... I can't conceive of only having one child, but we are considering going for one more to make 5... We have worries about our divided attention and limited time and financial resources, but each of our kids is an absolute blessing and bring us great joy. To know that it can work with a large group of kids is very reassuring.

  • Fancy - Congrats on your 7th! I think it's rather sad how people feel that kids are a burden and look at you like you're crazy if you want more than a couple of them. They are such a blessing and one of the best things you'll ever give your time to! Happy for you - sounds like you have a great, big happy family. :-) 

  • That's so nice to hear Fancy! Thanks for sharing. It is nice to know we are not alone!!!