Greetings! Im a newbie!

  • Hello everyone! I am in my last couple weeks of pregnancy for our not medically possible 4th baby. He is a complete miracle!! This has been a looooong struggle for us due to my medical issues (I was diagnosed with brain cancer almost 10 years ago right after giving birth to twins)  I must admit that I have been struggling with all of this since we had resorted ourselves to not being able to have anymore children.  I firmly believe that since God granted us with this miracle blessing everything will be just fine.... but in my head, I cant help but worry! 

    Since it has been so long since I had my other children and so much has changed, I do feel like a new mom in some ways and I will be relying on this plethora of information to help answer some of my crazy questions! 

    Thank you!

  • Hello and welcome to the site!!! Congrats on your Miracle baby, how Awesome is that?!!! If you have read through any of the pages i'm sure you have noticed that we are a caring and helpful group. Sometimes you will get overwhelmed with help, but that's how you know we care. I too have a strong faith in god and i have revently come to the understanding that he doesn't cause suffering, but he does allow it so that we can prove our loyalty and faith to him through the hard times... And you my friend have done just that. After all that you have endured in the last 10 years you have proven yourself as a strong mom and I am sure all will be just fine. Love, be Loyal and Have Faith!

  • Congrats on your miracle! Also congrats on your other miracle! It sounds like Strongmoms members will learn more from you than you will from us! You will find that there is no such thing as a crazy question on the site and that there is great support. You are an inspiration and it's great to have you aboard!

  • Congratulations on your miracle baby! It is awesome that you are doing so well and that things are going well for you. Let us know if we can be of any help! 

  • Wanted to add my congrats and check in to see how things are going.  We would love an update!


  • WOW - I got chills reading your story! I am SO happy for you and this long-awaited baby. :-) Be sure to let us know how the birth goes and how your little boy is doing. What a blessing!