How did baby get in your belly?

  • Having recently been blessed with our fourth child, my second oldest asked the question parents always dread… Mommy, how did my baby brother get in your belly? Would love to hear some responses that you have given to this question… I need material! --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I sort of skirt around the question--and say that "God gave us a baby". The kids seem pretty easy to accept that one for now...if they continue to ask questions, then I would have to decide if I felt that they were old enough to understand the facts of life...but for now, that one works well.

  • Magic and love hahaha... well its sort of the truth. I think depending on the age I would give a very vague g rated description of how that happened.. like daddy put the baby in my belly, but we will talk about it more when you are older... something along those lines anyhow.



  • I've been creative, but my oldest is intuitive and is starting to be relentless. Trying to stall but I also feel pangs of guilt every time I tell a little white lie about it!

  • I told my son that mommies have a special ability to grow a baby in their tummies. This is true. ;-) He knows babies happen because mommies and daddies love each other. I wouldn't feel bad about fudging it right now -your daughter will learn SOOOO much later in life. Her innocence right now is sweet. :-)