How it all began

  • I love hearing stories of how people met and fell in love. How did you and your partner meet and fall for each other? Share your love story! -- Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • When my husband and I started dating we liked each other, but it wasn't all fireworks at first. We just had a lot of fun together and enjoyed a lot of the same things. Gradually over the first few months we fell in love. I think our friendship is what makes our marriage so strong. 

  • What a great topic.  I love what you shared MommyRN about how your friendship with your husband developed into more.  What a great foundation for a marriage!  -Jess

  • My husband rented the basement apartment that my great uncle had when he was in college. He didn't go home for Easter one year and so my uncle invited him to have Easter dinner with our family. We hit it off and became friends but quickly noticed how great we got a long and really fell for each other. We were dating by May! My uncle takes all the credit for us being together. ;-)