Feed adults at kids’ birthday party?

  • As I have sometimes noted on the boards, I get easily frustrated with the expense of kids’ birthday parties. With my daughter’s birthday coming up, we are going to a gymnastics facility and are providing pizza for the kids. Is it expected that we will have enough to also feed all of the adults? My sense is yes but this makes it very difficult for us financially, especially with four birthday parties per year now in our family! --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • No...we had a kids party last year and just got enough for the kids. Sometimes I don't even feed the kids--I just make it at a time that isn't Lunch or Dinner and I specify on the invitation that cake and ice cream will be served. That way parents aren't expecting their kids to eat. I don't think that parents should expect to eat at a kids party at all. What do others think?


  • I have a HUGE family to say the least, and what we do for birthdays now is more of an appetizer buffet. So if we were to do a pizza party for the children, then for the adults we would have appetizers. Some of our favorites are chips and queso, nilla wafers with a cream cheese fruit dip, cheese ball and crackers, Nachos (Crock pot chili- super cheap to make, chips, nacho cheese), veggie tray with dips... and since you are doing pizza you could also do breadsticks and maranara for the adutls. If you want to stay italian themed you could do a ficoccia bread (pizza doigh topped with garlic butter and veggies), another option is a lesser expensive dish for all the adults like lasagna, a pasta bake (pasta sauce, bowtie noodles, zucchini, italian sausage, mozzrella, parmisean- it will easily feed 6 adults, I have the recipe if you want it), spaghetti ect. anyway if you are set on feeding the adutls then i would definitely go with the appetizers or a lesser expensive pasta dish.

  • I think it's a great idea to have the parents bring potluck items for the adult snacks or meal.  It's always fun the variety that having a potluck enables!


  • I totaly agree Mommy RN- Parents should not expect to be fed at a kids birthday party. I also like the idea of making it between breakfast and or lunch and dinner hours to make it a bit easier to just serve cake and ice cream.... And Jess What a Great idea to have a pot luck birthday!!!

  • We used to have a ton of potlucks at the last hospital i worked at.  We always did themes, and that made it super fun.  So, for instance if you are having a baseball theme party you could do a picnic style potluck-hot dogs, potato chips, etc. -Jess