Sharing rooms

  • With the birth of our fourth child, we are going to have two of our kids share a room. The baby is a boy and the other three are girls. What do you do to determine who would be the best fit for sharing a room between the three girls? The oldest and second oldest seems logical, but my second and third oldest have a more similar temperament and sleeping schedule. -- Chris, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I would definitely put your two youngest daughters in a room together since they have a similar temperament and Sleeping schedule, it seems like they would make a better fit as" roomates".

    It would also help If you stated the Ages of your daughters, but based on the information given I would definitely put the two youngest girls together Especially if they are closer in age.

  • AnswerDad you must have one busy house!  Nothing better than a house full of giggling, loving, playing and healthy kiddos.  I hope you are going to start building soon (an addition to the house in the form of rooms for kids) as I can just feel that room assignments are going to be a topic of discussion at many family meetings ahead!  H/e for now I'd vote for BeautifulDreamers suggestion.

    Keep us posted!


  • Thanks for the advice ladies! We do have a busy house and it promises to get busier... my wife is expecting #5 (and our last) this May! We have our two daughters sharing a room and it has gone very smoothly. The only downside is when one of them wakes up with a bad dream they now migrate to our room as a tandem and both crawl into bed with us which forces Daddy to the couch! 

  • Congrats Answer Dad! I have 5 too and it is a blast! The room sharing is not that big of a deal. I have 3 boys in one room and they do remarkably well. They also learn to sleep soundly and never seem to wake each other up!