What’s a Playdate?

  • I’ve never been a joiner, and that has worked just fine for me throughout my 30 years. But when I became a mom, I became responsible for the social development of my children, which means playing nice with the other moms.

    This was definitely uncharted territory for me, especially since most of the time I was much younger than the other moms at daycare drop-off. Can you say, awkward? What have some of your playdate experiences been like? How do you deal with these new and often uncomfortable social situations?

  • Playdate = torture Big Smile The only reason I suffer through is because I want my children to be social. I generally just ask the other moms questions about themselves and what is going on with them for conversation. It also helps me to remember them next time. I find that if we only talked about our children, I can only remember their children.

  • See, I thought it'd be easy to have a play date, but I hate the fact that atleast around where I am, all the moms are too busy socializing they aren't watching their kids and that makes me extremely uncomfortable.  I dunno why it's so hard for them to stare at their children playing and talk to the other moms rather than sit at a picnic table with their kids behind them running crazy.  I don't get it. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so how do you handle it?

  • Yes!!! That is one of the HUGE reasons I hate playdates. No one will be quiet long enough to watch their children. I'm with you. Is it really so hard to stare at your children while you talk instead of letting them get lost?

  • I am lucky enough to have 2 friends who recently had babies - one a week after mine, and one 8 weeks after mine.  I hope to develop my child's social skills with playdates with these families I already know.  Also, once she is 2, she can attend preschool at the church where my mom works.

  • We often tag-team to keep our little runner in check. When invited to a birthday party, or similar social event I feel awkward if I do not know the people there. I'll usually volunteer to watch Madison and keep her from getting out of hand while my wife does the socializing, and we'll switch out when either one of us wants/needs to. It's not foolproof but it works for us.