I think my husband is CRAZY

  • We recently had a baby, last week actually and my husband is already talking about having another baby...says might as well get it over with...has he lost his mind or have I for actually entertaining the idea?

  • Don't worry...you're husband is not crazy--and neither are you for that matter. Having  a baby is a wonderful experience because instantly you fall in love. It is not uncommon for one OR both parents to experience a rush of joy and exhileration. I know that after my first child was born, I turned to my husband when he was 3 weeks old and said, " Honey, Let's have 100!" While we didn't exactly have 100, I am pregnant with our 4th child. I think that it is wonderful your husband wants to have another baby so soon. It means that he is utterly and completely in love with both YOU and your BABY.

    Although I wouldn't exactly jump in the sack just yet....you need to wait at least 6 weeks before having sex AND most doctors recommend giving your body a break of at least 6 months to a year in between pregnancies. Enjoy your new baby NOW because they grow up sooooo fast.

  • I think you are both nuts. Just kidding! Different things work for different families. I know plenty of couples who tried to get pregnant again as soon as they could. I say if the thought of having two small children sounds good to you, then go for it.

  • My youngest is a month old now and I've been back and forth on this one.  Since I have two (my daughter is 4) I think that when things are going well is usually when I think that we could handle just one more.  When things are rough I think that two kids is enough!  All I know is that my daughter is harder to take care of the older that she gets.  It's a personal choice, if you think that you can handle two young children go for it!

  • When my son was four months old, we bacame pregnant again, so now I have a 16 mth, and 5 mth. Life is great, it is not as hard as people want you to think, I would'nt take that decission back for anything. The two of them just love eachother soo much, and big brother is such a major help. He burps her, feeds her, and even get jealous sometimes, but it's all expected. I agree, get them out the way. My doctor did'nt say anything about my body not being able to take it, and all my pregnancies were high risk. God Blessings

  • Our youngest is 2 1/2, and I tell my husband, sure, we can have another one -- but you're the one who's being pregnant this time!

  • It is not a bad idea at least you can be done with all the baby work about the same time instead of have to get use to anew baby after so many years plus something very important they will be friends and have a lot in commun even if they are not the same sex, plus they can entretein each other, IT IS SO MUCK WORK AND EXPENSIVE, but is wort it ;)

  • We have two girls 17 months apart, and there are positives and negatives like everything else. My wife and I are both in our 30's, and would like to have 3 kids, so we felt that we didn't have much time to lose. Our parents are getting older as well, and we wanted to expose our kids to their grandparents as much as possible. This was our reasoning.

    On the positive side, we have all the latest baby stuff, have all the baby clothes and my wife used her maternity clothes again. Our oldest will never remember a time when her baby sister wasn't around and we hope they will grow up to be best friends!

    Negatively, college tuition looks like a pipe dream for us. If we have a third child realtively soon, we could have three kids in school at once which would mean hundred of thousands of college loans.

    I don't think your husband is crazy for wanting more kids, but as always, it's the most important decision you can make, so enegage in lots of "what if" discussions before going down that road.

  • Neither of you is crazy. But i would recomment you to wait at least till he/she is one. my kids are very close in age, 3,2 and 6 months, but i know that we are done. And yess, they do grow up very fast. so enjoy your baby.

  • Be thankful that your husband is a family-man and wants a big family! However, you want to shower your newborn with attention and love and having another baby too soon will take your attention away from your new baby. Tell your husband that you would love to have another child, but not so soon!

  • Did you make any decisions? Is your husband still crazy, or have you discussed this at greater length?