How do you put them on a sleeping routine without wanting to pick him up?

  • My son is three months old and I want to and need to put him to sleep without a bottle and without being rocked, because I know he'll be very, very dependent on that when he gets older. How do you get started? And how do you jus let them cry without running to his side to comfort him? I am a first time mom and I've seen my mother do it with my little sister but I don't know how she could've done it because it's so hard not cry with him.

    Sometimes I think I would have to be strapped down to a chair in order to do this. My mother occasionally jokes just put some headphones on to drown out the crying. =) But I guess you could say I am very closely connected to my son.

    Please help me out with a few pointers. I guess I need a few pointers for me more than I do my own son =).

    thanx-Nizhoni P. & Jacob Chaz

  • It is natural to want to pick up your baby when he cries..that is the maternal instinct that is so unbelievably strong! Try establishing a sleeping routine that works best for you. If you like to rock him, then it is perfectly okay to rock him to sleep. I like to bathe my baby and then feed him a nice warm bottle before putting him down to sleep. If he is still awake, I rock him or sing to him for a minute or two and then put him down to sleep in a dimly lit room, maybe looking at his mobile if he is calm. Find a routine that doesn't make you want to "strap yourself to a chair" and if you are not comfortable with letting him "cry it out" then by all means DO NOT do that.

    Just try to find a routine that you can be consistant with and that makes both you and your baby happy. Hope this helps

  • Letting your baby cry it out for a night or two is very difficult, but in the case of my two daughters, was very worth it. When they got to be about 4 months, we began by letting them cry for 10 minutes before we went in to console them. When we put them back down, the next time we waited 15 mins, then 20 etc...

    It took one night each for them to be able to understand that they were going to need to calm themselves down. Now when our 7 month old cries in the crib, we know there is a specific issue and that she is not just in need of attention.

    I hope this helps!

  • I practice co-sleeping. I did it 12 yrs ago with my first child and am doing it now with my 3 month old. Its proven that when sleeping w/in close proximity a mother and baby's sleep patterns will synchronize. And both my children were sleeping at least 6 solid hrs by 2 months!(on their own!) And i had no problem transitioning my first to his own room. It made him a more confident sleeper if anything. GOOD LUCK- i hope you find what works for you. Just do what feels right,no matter what anyone ses!