Difference in Patience

  • I am a very patient, laid back person. I don’t sweat the small stuff. My husband, on the other hand, has a short temper and very little patience. When it comes to the kids, I often have to rein him in and try to put things in perspective. The idea of “choose your battles” is one he has yet to fully comprehend. What do you do when your partner’s temper flares? How do you deal with differences in levels of patience?

  • in my relationship i'm actually the one that was loosing my temper. i talked to my doctor about it because it started getting physical. i woudl throw things or slam doors and it scared my daughter...which made me feel like a terrible parent. i was prescribed a low dose anti-anxiety medicine and it has helped me greatly. I dont feel zoned out or groggy but i feel more at peace and focsed. I also hvave to still remind myself that babies and toddlers don't have a good sense of logic. I also try to remember what it was like when i was a kid and that some of my best memories was playing w/ my parents. try to let your partner get out of the house every now and then and maybe they won't feel so stressed (do the same for yourself too!) and don't rein him in EVERY time. You have to choose your battles too and if you're constantly have the thought of his short tember inthe back of your mind, you may overule him in front of hte kids when he is actually disciplining them for a good reason.