Twin mom!

  • I have 12 week b/g twins who were born at 30 weeks (7 weeks in the hospital). We purchased one pack and play and have that in our room since the twins came home on monitors. They have yet to sleep in their cribs, but we are going to try it as soon as they get off of the monitors. We purchased two cribs, two recliners, one play mat for tummy time, two travel swings, two space saver high chairs, two car seats and one double stroller. I also borrowed as many bigger objects as i could since they'd only use them for some short while. Good luck with everything. I was on bedrest since week 17 so I know what you're going through. Eventhough it seems really boring right now, get as much stuff in order now and get your sleep. I printed out charts and diagrams with important numbers during my bedrest. It has really helped. God bless!!!

  • I have 4 month old twin boys plus my 26 month old girl.  it is really tough! especially at the beginning.  we don't live near family so i think my situation is harder than most.  it's been really key to keep my toddler on a schedule.  we also try to make sure that we have friends over to play as much as possible and this week actually we are going to start some one on one time so that she doesn't always feel like she has to share me. others are right, as the days go on managing all the kids does get easier day by day.

    p.s. my boys were 7 lbs each born at 38 +4 and i'm only 5"1" and 120 lbs, and I was induced and had a vaginal delivery.  i walked around at 4 cm for over 2 weeks, so don't always listen to what ppl say about when your babies will be born and how.:)

  • I am a mother of 6 now.  My twins boys are now 4 months old.  Granted having twins is a lot of work and more expensive too, but it has all been worth it.  They are at the age now where they are developing at a rapid pace so it is fun to watch.  The first few weeks they were home we spent trying to get them on a schedule.  Being that I couldn't work and was alone with them most of the day, I set their schedule at different times for feedings.  I would feed one and about 15 minutes into his feeding the other would wake up.  This worked out pretty well staggering the feedings like that.  It gave me individual time to bond with each boy before having to split the time for both together.  They still are staggered on feedings and it has been wonderful.  The only advice I have is take your time and don't panic.  There is no right or wrong to raising children let alone twins.  Do your best, don't stress yourself out and with twins, for god's sake get some rest.  Hire someone to sit for you to let you sleep a few hours here and there.  Twins can take a lot out of you and you need to recoup.  I am thankful I have such good family and friends.  I can call someone when I need them to come and watch my boys so I can nap for a couple hours and it makes everything seem easier. 

    I have other children.  4 others to be exact.  They are 20, 19, 18 and 11.  The oldest 3 are grown and out of the house so my 11 year old has really been a godsend to me.  She loves being big sister and helps out whenever possible.  The boys are now getting to the point where they can be active and play independently for a while.  That helps too.

  •  I have 8 month old b/g twins and a 5 year old. I think the best advice that can be given is try to enjoy every moment, it is really hard but at about 6 months it gets a lot easier and you will look back and be glad you tried your best to enjoy every moment. I have breastfed and bottle fed the entire time, it is a personal choice and though nursing is very time consuming and alot more work it is also really rewarding. Another thing I wish I would have done, try to sleep as much as possible in the hospital. I went home absolutely exhausted and it really took a toll on my first few weeks home. Good luck and I hope all goes well!

  • Hi I am a 2nd time mom i have a 2yr old daughter and i am 6months pregnant with twin boys

  • hi i also have a 2 year old and 6mths old twin boys

  • Good morning!  We too are expecting twins -- two little girls!

  • Good morning!  We too are expecting twins -- two little girls!  I felt a lot less worried about the twins coming once I got as much stuff as possible that will be needed.  Also, I find that reading as much as I can makes me feel much more ready for these two.  One book I like is titled Juggling Twins; it has the most practical advice that I'd read so far besides in the What to Expect series.   The other thing that's helped me is multitasking and ordering a lot of my gear over the internet -- so much easier than going shopping with these two in tow!  Best of luck from Boston -- MammaDiGemelli.  :D

  • We are having our first pregnancy and expecting twins as well!  We aren't sure what the sexes are yet, but we will hopefully be able to find out within a few weeks!  I found all of your comments very helpful as I have my worries everyday too!  We are looking forward to this and we both know it's going to be alot of work ahead of us, but we are blessed with these gifts!

    I love the helpful comments from twin parents and I greatly appreciate that others have had the same concerns as we have! Thanks! Gift

  • Hi,


    Read you posting. My C-section is scheduled for Mar 9 and will be  a mom to twin boys. I am really nervous about everything from breastfeeding to changing diapers . My  mom will staying with me for 4-6 weeks . I would like to establish a routine for the boys ,  how can I do this . Any advise .

  • Hi I have twins and just like yours they're preemies,but they 7 weeks early.Just like you a had to pump but to hard to keep up and i put them on formula.Wanna ask you if took babies home at the same time?

    Because now I have one with me for about 3 weeks and the other is waiting in a surgery,and will be home hopefully within the next month.And wanna ask you, how do you bottlefeed them at the same time?

    I'm just so anxious,because i barely have time to feed one ,now the idea to feed two is taking my sleep away

  • I had a lot of help when they were first brought home....I only had one home a week before the other and at first I constanly had someone with me but after all the help left I used my boppy pillows.  They are the best gift I got and my babies r five months old and I still used them now.  I sit them in their pillows, put a bottle in each of their mouths and kneel in front of the couch so I cant lean my arms on the couch for support.  That way if one of them starts to choke I just drop the others bottle and I dont have to worry about putting a baby down to sit the other all the way up.  Believe it or not, you learn to become very creative to get things done and dont worry, IT DOES GET EASIER.  Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions.

  • Hi Valeria ,


    My c-section is on Mar 9  , so the babies will not be preemies , I will be 38 weeks on Mar 9. So not there yet. I do plan to breastfeed and  will also try to get some lactation support at home as my insurance covers it . I know breastfeeding is important and will do my best . If I can't keep up with breastfeeding will probably spilt between breastfeeding and formula. Do you have some help at home ?

  • I am for sure buying the boppy pillows before next week. Will be in touch