How about a babygirl`s name "amanda"?

  • i like that name and i think it will suite your daughter very well.congrats on your baby girl and i hope all goes well with you and your new baby.

    if my son would have been a girl i would have picked ;mya  angle or  naveah marie


  • i am having a little girl n her name is Stormi Rae Ann Hewitt n this is my first baby Cool

  • That's a good name and it's easy to spell.

  • I love my name!! It was quite popular growing up, but I feel very attached to it Smile

  • thats my babys name its a wonderful name

  • While I think that Amanda is a beautiful name for a baby girl, my name is Amanda and through school my friends used to call me "A-man-duhhh" and I hated it or they would do "The Amanda, Amanda, Amanda show" song.

    But besides that, what you name your baby is completely up to you. If you love the name, go for it!!! :)

  • Lol I agree. My name is Amanda Lynn too.