Please Help Me My husband Stops me

  • My husband makes it hard for me to work outside of the home and we so badly need the money can someone please help me find a homebase job, ya know us women need our own things cause we never know what these men might do from day to day well sorry some men might do from day to day. I can type proof read do arts and crafts I am a person of many talents. Please help me cause if he leaves me tomorrow I will have nothing and I have no family I can depend on to help me if I get into that type of financial situation.

  • First of all, rather than a parenting issue, you need to work things out with your husband. If he is on the brink of leaving you, that should be concern #1 that you need to work on via counseling or some method. As far as a job goes, try any number of the on-line job search sites for home-based employment. Your skills would seem to be in need and you can earn some decent money this way. Long-term, have you thought about enhancing your education/skill sets through online courses? You might also qualify for financial aid if you are currently strapped. If you are that fearful that you could be left alone you need to think big picture and not just earning a couple extra bucks. Good luck and I hope this helps.

  • Maybe do a home based day care watch 2 or 3 kids and tell him kids are your passion. thats some tax free income. or you can make some arts and sell them to some exhibitions, if you do not mind me asking why wont he let you work outside the home? also, if he gives you some cash jsut save up some for yourself in case of a rainy day, shop and spend wise save $$.

  • I agree with Answer Dad. If your husband isn't very supportive, you need to talk with him and resolve your issues. If you need a home based job, start brainstorming about some ways you can use your talents to your advantage. If you can type, make up a letter and offer your typing services to small businesses in your area with a price list. There may be many small business owners who need someone to type up sales letters etc on an occasional basis but don't want to hire a secretary. You may be able to make a little extra money this way. Also, I know a few mommies who sell products to their friends etc.. like Avon or Mary Kay etc. You could look into this as well.

  • HI...

    Definitley Talk w/ your hubby since communication is the key to things.. and explain to your hubby that you will feel better about yourself if you can work a little and that you want to contribute what you can to the household. IT's hard.. things definitley change when you become a mom. and when you can put aside some month even if i'ts only a couple of dollars.

    Before I was pregnant and met my hubby I was selling PartyLite products in order to earn some extra money to pay down my college bills and it has worked out well. With the economy, sales are slower but I still get about $25 a month which helps pay my smaller bills like the cell, or interest on my student loans. That is something you may want to look into if he doesn't want you to work a FT/PT job outside the house. Let me know if you want to chat! Hope that helps! HANG IN THERE!!!