Helpful hints

  • Hi everyone. This really is a great site. I am here because i am due in march with my 4th child, and i could really use some tips on how to really keep things going with my other 3 while taking care of the baby. My husband works a lot and i am a stay at home mom and im getting a little nervous wondering how everything is going to keep moving smoothly.  Thanks. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

  • Congratulations! How old are your other children? I think that you're going to find that adding another child to the mix is not going to be as tough as you may think. You've been through this before and just have to remember a few essential things:

    1. Don't sweat the small stuff

    2. Your children love you, but do not need to your attention 24/7. Lean on others to help lessen that constant demand for mommy.

    3. A messy house is nothing to be ashamed of.

    4. Sleep whenever you can.

    5. Make sure your partner is doing his share.

    6. Take joy in the quiet moments.

    7. Relax -- you're a great mom. You've got three wonderful children, and now you have one more to love.

  • I think WriteMommy10 has some great advice. My only extra tidbit is to get them involved. Make them a part of the pregnancy and let them know you don't love them any less and that they arent on your mind any less. Not only will it remind them how you feel about them but also help them bond with their new sibling early Big Smile.

  • I agree with writemommy and strongdad. It also depends a lot on how old your other children are. Older children might be able to help you some.

  • Thanks for advice the tips are ones im really gonna have to remember. I get more flack from people being i wanted so many kids more then I get help so  I am grateful. My children are Dylan who is 5 and is in kindergarten, then Gracie who just turned 3, and Wyatt who will be 2 in May, then my new baby boy due March 15. My husband is a big support and a help and so is my son.  Any support is a good thing. Thanks for the replies everyone.

  • Five is a great age to help out with the new baby. Dylan will feel so proud to be a big help to mommy when you ask him to get a diaper or the box of wipes. Getting him involved in the little things like that will help make things easier on you and him.

    The same goes for your little ones, though the types of things they can do are more limited. Whenever my husband asks for a soda, I grab one out of the fridge and give it to my two-year-old to give to him. She thinks it's the greatest game and it saves me a trip from the kitchen!

    Dylan can also be a great help in keeping the younger kids distracted. If you need some quiet time to feed the baby, you could ask Dylan to play a quiet game with his brother and sister while you sit and feed the baby in the same room. You get to supervise what's going on, but the kids are occupied with something other than you.

  • Dylan is so proud to be a big brother and is very excited about his new baby brother. He does wonders for me now with helping with the younger ones and even got Gracie to help him pick up toys, I just want to make sure that i dont ask him to do too much. Also when he is at school  is when i give the other 2 one on one time; any thoughts on how to have special time with him being that he is such a help and the other kids take up much of my time( we do homework together), something that is special just the 2 of us to do. Again thanks the feedback has been really helpful.

  • Can I just say its such a small world when I know someone with the same names, well Dylan and Wyatt anyway.  Anyway, as its already been said, it's just one more to love!  C'mon you should be a pro by now anyway! LOL, and I'm in the same boat, I get more crap for wanting another (pregnant with my 3rd now) because I have 2 boys as it is, this one is a boy, so 3 boys, I want a girl.  I just have VERY uncomfortable pregnancies, this being the worst of them all.  It's hard having a big family, but you'll deal.  I personally think its more fun to have a big family then have a little one like I am from with only my brother and I at 5 years apart.  My kids are close in age as are yours, and it'll be more fun in the long run, minus the teenage years that we all dread LOL!