hands in mouth

  • Why is is that my mother in law thinks it is so cute to put my sons (16 month old) fingers in her mouth and then he puts his finger in his mouth?  I have been so adament about this and informed her several times that is just not something we do.  I even explained that is is flu season and just not a good idea because of germs.  I don't think I am being too picky about this one but it seems to upset her.  I don't mind other germs, just no fingers in other people's mouths.

  • I'm with you on this one...unfortunately, dealing with relatives (esp. mother in laws) can be tricky. Is she simply kissing his fingers? If so, then it probably isn't too big of a deal. Either way, talk to your pediatrician and see if she has some advice. If you feel too strongly about it, you may have to sit your mother in law down and have a conversation with her. Print out some facts about the flu virus etc and how they spread. Let her know that it isn't personal, but you are trying to protect your son. If she still won't cooperate, you and your husband will have to decide how strongly you feel about this. If you feel strong enough, you may have to avoid seeing your mother in law during the cold and flu season. Talk to your pediatrician and voice your concerns to her first though. Good luck.

  • I totally agree with you here. It is cold and flu season and it's alot harder on young children to deal with these complicated viruses. But I also think that since it's your mother in law that your husband should be the one to take the biggest stance on this matter you've voiced your opinion and assuming your husband beleives the same as you do maybe it's time that the two of you sit down and tell her what's what which the finger in the mouth thing. he is your son and your doing all you can to protect him and that's whats counts not her feelings, she will get over it. Plus mouths are one of the dirtiest spots on a persons body even if you brush your teeth 3 times a day like they say it just in general gross and exposing the child to alot of different grems it's just not worth the risk.