single mom need advice

  • my sons father is unknown to me there are a few possiablitys as to who his dad is none of them want anything to do with my son my now exfiance he left me a few days ago he is still gonna live in the house so he can be near my son he has claimed him since befor he was born i dont know what to do i hurt real bad because of him leaveing me i dont know how this is gong to affect my son an any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated my son is 8 monthes old an is a very big boy hes 25 pound i dont know if hes eating to much or what please help

  • As hard as it is, try not to rely on then men in your life if they are unreilable, and unpredictable. Find a single moms group in your community to help you through this hard time. Your son needs you to be strong for him. You cannot get that from a man.

    Don't focus so much on who the father is yet, focus on becomming a strong mom, and providing a stable home life for him. With or without your fiance'. If him being in the household provides a lot of stress and anguish I assure you let him go. At first it will be hard, but eventually you will learn that life is easier without all the stress.

    I was a single mom for 3 years from the day my daughter was born. She is now 11, and I'm expecting baby #2. Things will work out. Keep us posted, and come here if you get lonely. But, I want to say again to find a moms group to help you through this hard time.


  • The best thing to do about your son is take him to see his regular-care doctor. They know best when it comes to the unusual things in a baby's growth and development. As far as your son's father goes, it's a very tough decision to make whether you choose to do the right thing or not. I advise you seek help with a counselor. You don't want that kind of stress to impact you.

  • First and farmost is stay strong for your son.  I had been a single mother for seven years until I met my current husband and my son in now 20.  What I would do is try to narrow down who could be the father and that him to family court and the court will provide a paternity test to determine if he is the father.  Unfortunately you might have to do it several times and if whichever ones aren't the father you might have to pay for the test.    Julie 

  • First be the best mom that you can be by always being a constant in your sons life.  Get involved in church because having God on your side will carry you places you never thought you could go.  You need to find out which man is the father..if for no other reason that down the road when your son have the truth to share with him.  He may just be a sperm doner but you will want him to know the truth.  As far as the weight, he is a big baby...I hope you are taking him to the doctor for all his regular checkups....they will let you know if it is a problem based on the height and weight scale.  I will pray for you.