My last name added to my baby's last name

  • I have a 3mnth old baby boy, I made a mistake of not including my last name in it. Me and my boyfriend are still together(baby's daddy.) And my son has his dads last name, but not mine. I don't want to change his last name, I just want to include mine in it as well. The question is: Is it to late? If it's not, how can I do it? Where do I go?

  •  I dont think it would be to late at anytime seeing as how when your an adult you can change your name on a whim. the best thing i can think of would be to call up your local court house and see what they say.

  • I too made this same mistake with my now 10 mos old baby girl. I unfortunately am no longer with her father, and never will be so  I was faced with the decision of whether or not to add my name to her name. It is really easy though, just look up name change applications (for minors) online for your specific state/city. All you have to do is fill out the application, have baby's father sign off on it and send it off with however much money it costs to have it done. My daughter's father signed off on it, but I've since made the decision that I'm not going to change her name to add mine, that I will let her make that decision for herself when she gets older.

  • Ok thank you very much. Yeah I also don't think that it would be too late, but just want to make sure. Thank you.

  • i would do it as soon as possible if your going to do it.  that way you don't have to explain to your child when he gets older.  the way things have changed its normal for a child to have the mothers last name.  honestly i made my choice by talking out how i felt.  everyone is entitled to their own opinions. as far as where, i would say to the social security and/or court house.

  • I think ADDING your name to your child's is the best route. That way both parents are identified and you feel legally claiming your child (daycare, school systems, etc.) won't have to be an ordeal. I am 4 months pregnant and live the child's father. MY boyfriend is wonderful and amazing but due to our beliefs we will not be getting married. We opted for a hyphenated last name. His first, then mine, cause typically at school they will drop the last part of the hyphenated name but on all documents it is still there. so as far as my child will know he/she will have both Daddy and Mommy's name and still live in a loving home. And it's never too late to change your child's name but I do recommend doing it before an age your child would recognize it.