Still feeling depressed

  • Hello everyone---I had my first baby--a boy 9 weeks ago. He is the greatest blessing to my life besides my husband. Hormones can make a new mom feel very emotional and overwhelmed right after baby is born. I have come a long way over the past few weeks but still get depressed for no reason at all. It doesn't last long but when it hits, it hits hard. I feel sad and cry. My Dr. said this was normal when I saw her at my 6 week follow up. I just don't know how long this is supposed to last! I love my baby and my husband is wonderful--helps a lot!  I do not want to hurt myself or anyone--especially my son. 90% of my day I feel good and try to focus on that. This other 10% just really bothers me. I took anti-depressants in the past during a stressful time. I really don't want to rely on medication to get through this if I don't have to. I just wonder should I just be patient and let this pass or do I need counseling?

  • If you are concerned then by all means CALL your doctor AGAIN! She needs to know that you are more than just a little sad...The birth of your child should be a happy time, but because of hormones it can become a rather unpleasant and difficult time as well...the important thing to remember is that you do NOT have to feel this way. Talk to your doctor about natural things you can do to help with depression as well as medications.. Good luck and don't hesitate to call her to let her know how things are.

  • If you have been on anti depressants for any amount of time prior to having your baby then you are more susceptible to Post Partum Depression. I hadn't taken anything before and I still got hit really hard. It is definitely worth talking to a doctor about it. Medication may or may not be needed. Mine was pretty severe so I do need meds, but I see a therapist right now who helps me talk through the issues as well. And of course exercise is always recommended because of the natural endorphins it produces. Good luck!
  • It normal to feel upset i had my baby two months ago and i get very upset i feel defeated a lot of the time and nobody can say anything right to make me feel better it's very frustrating cause it like i can hear myself being weird and i can't stop feeling like that i have also taken meds in the past and feel the same you do about it i would say you dont need counseling the baby blues is normal if it gets to where it the majority of the day or you start having harsh feelings towards yourself, mate, or child then get help immediately there is no shame in medicating if it what you need maybe if you made time for yourself you would feel better like go on a walk or something of the sort just to get right with yourself everything can be very overwhelming i understand completely good luck hun :) 

  • I had my first child 3 years ago and I suffered with postpartum depression. It's a really diffucult thing to get through if you don't seek help and may cause you more emotional problems in the long run. I strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor about how you're feeling, especially if you're afraid you may hurt yourself, someone, or your son. It's also very important to share this with immediate family members that you trust so they can help you through this process. Having someone support you and listen is very helpful and may help you relieve some stress. I was on medication for over 1 year before I discontinued using it. The important thing is, the sooner you seek help, the sooner you'll feel better and the better your life and family will be. Please let me know if you have more questions. I've been through it before and know how it is so don't be hesitant to ask.

  • Hormones stink!  Don't they?  I have been in your shoes.  The good thing is that you are not keeping these feelings to yourself.  With our first child, I went through weird feelings of sadness and not knowing who I was anymore.  I would cry for an hour at a time.  It was like my identity was taken, and I was "just a mom" now.  Even though that is all I have ever wanted to be!  But, what helped me was talking about it with my husband, friends, and doctor.  I did not accept the medication though.  So my doctor advised me to take up some kind of exercise program.  I really DISLIKE exercise, and especially running, but I tried jogging, and it really worked for me.  It gave me an hour to myself, which by the end of the day, I needed!  And then I noticed that my body started to look better.  Which caused me to try to eat better.  Next thing you know, I was feeling like a much happier person.  Talk to your husband, friends, and doctor.  Let them know everything you are feeling.  Good luck to you, and congratulations on your new baby!  

  • My son was born in November. I had a very hard time as well. Was crying constantly and didn't want to do anything that I once loved to do.  I felt like I lost a huge part of me. I love my son and husband more than anything but couldn't get out of my funk. I felt so bad because I would constantly pick a fight with my husband and he was so supportive and caring for me. I went and talked to someone and that kind of helped. What helped me was getting out of the house with our son. If it was a walk, drive to the store something. Also, being back at work has really helped me out alot. I miss my son alot but we both are adjusting very well. Seeing him after work makes our time so special and on the weekends. Trust me it takes awhile it doesn't happen over night. Day by day it will start to get better, just hang in there.

  • Sweetie,

    I can understand being depressed after having a baby that is called post pardom. It is normal. Nevertheless, I must say that you are blessed cause I did not have a husband when I had my first child. I was always said, unless I looked at my handsome baby boy at the time and he made me feel so worthy and loved, but the sleepless nights he made me have was no funny, lol, but you know what I would not change it for nothing in the world. Now he is 5 years old and he shows me so much love that I know that I am loved deeply. I also have a husband now and expecting my second baby in August. So trust me things get better. Also, if you feel that you want counseling go ahead, but I think you will be okay, God bless you and pray without ceasing. Wink