About to have my 3rd child and 2 possible fathers and both are deneying my baby

  • Im a 27 yr old single mother of 2, about to be 3 children. My 8 year old has a great dad who sees him like he supposed to and helps me with him, my 5 year old who is by my (long-lost) husband hasnt seen his dad in 6 months. Before I got pregnant this time, me and my husband were split up but off and on for a few months and I had started seeing another man. Well, my husband wanted to work on things so I ended it with the other man. I found out a month later that I was pregnant and still not knowing if my pregnancy came from me and my husband or me and the other man. Then, my husband left me and my children again and started dating THE OTHER MAN'S KID'S MOTHER! I thought at first my husband was just trying to get back at me and the other guy for us dating before even though me and my husband were split up, but its now been 5 months and my husband is deneying my baby and hasnt seen our 5 year old that we do have together in 5 months as well. I did go to the other guy and told him about the possibility of him being my babys dad and he wont even consider the possibility and deneys it no matter what I say. I think the reason being is because of my husband and his kid's mom dating now. Plus I believe he's worried if he is the father it will just make things worse for his kid's and mine. But due to both guys deneying my baby I have had to deal with my pregnancy all by my self and now im 2weeks away from delivery and my baby doesnt have a dad. I just dont know what to do or how to feel and My kids are having to see me go through this this. I just ask my self, WHY ME??!!!!     

  • It sounds like you are having a rough time to stay the least. Unfortunately, right now there isn't anything you can do about the "fathers" of your baby. You are about to have a baby and you need to focus the next 2 weeks on preparing yourself and your children for the new addition. There are lots of moms on this forum who are in similar situations and while it is extremely upsetting not to have a father involved....it is more important that you are there for both your new baby and your other children. They will need you during this time as they adjust to life with a new baby and life without your husband around. Be the best mother you can be and try to surround yourself with people who will help you and support you through this difficult time. Once your baby is born, you can ask both of the "fathers" to take a paternity test to determine once and for all whose child it really is. Until then, spend time with your 2 children and good luck on your upcoming delivery.

  • So sorry to hear that!  I know this isn't any help, but I really hope that these guys step  up.  It must be horribly hard on you.  Good luck with it all!  Be strong!