Going Back to work

  • I'm on my first week back at work after having my baby boy 3 months ago. It has been really challenging. I'm breast feeding and have to pump at work. After I pump I get really emotional and just want to be with my baby. It makes it really hard to get back to work or concentrate on anything else. Does it get any better.

  • no bc it would be better if you could be there the first year then go back to work

  • Im told it does get easier its just an adjusment that you and your baby have to make and with time you will adapt and it will be easier. Finacially not everyone can afford to stay home for the first year, we couldn't so i went back part time. Its still hard but I know that my son has some daddy and me time and also gets to interact with our friends little girl so i know it will be ok.

  • My daughter is 18 mos. I was home for 10 weeks. It got a little easier after a while. I still find myself feeling the need to just go home! and I have.Oops I am now 5 mos. preg with no. 2 and know that I have to quit for my own sanity.  What has made it easier is the fact that grandma is the baby sitter instead of a stranger. If you have an option like that take it.  GOOD LUCK!!!