A Question For The Dads

  • This one is a little hard for me to understand.

    My boyfriend and I are expect our 1st baby together in November. This will be his first child but my third so I kinda know what to expect. We were talking the other day and out of nowhere he said that when the baby is born he doesn't want to watch the birth. He said that he doesn't see it as a merical of life being brought into the world. I have tried and tried to figure out exactly what he means but I'm at a loss. I understand that it looks gross seeing a woman in that possition and that the bodily fluids could freak anyone out but he never seemed like that type of person to me. I guess what I'm attempting to ask is Have any of you ever felt anything like this before and did you oppinion change later?

  • As a Dad, I was present at both my kids' births. I didn't think of myself when it came to being in the delivery room, I thought of being there to support my wife. She pushed for 3 hours then needed a C-section for the first and then had a scheduled C the second go-around. If he doesn't see it as a miracle, then make him understand that you need him! He might see the light and realize he may be making a mistake. Make him understand that he might regret it later.