• I am so glad to see so many women stick up for themselves! I also was a teen mom, having my lovely daughter at the age of 17. I was the "good" child in my family that didn't even get into trouble at school, and the only thing that I ever did "wrong" was fall in love with a man i am now married too and have his baby. Luckily I had a good family who stuck by me and supported me. I think that's why so many young mothers aren't very good parents because there parents were not that great and threw them out instead of helping them to understand what a responsibility it is to have a child. Personally, I believe if you think you are old enough to have sex than you are old enough to deal with whatever comes with it. Still it irritates me when i get a look from some granny that thinks that her ways are the best ways. I am now 22 and am pregnant with my second child and I am a home buyer and a hard worker. Some young mothers may not be good mothers but neither are some older mothers too. It doesn't matter how old you are!!

  • I do see where you are coming from. My moms boyfriend's now 16 year old daughter just had a baby and everyone looks down on her. But I know why....A lot of the girls that have babies at a young age don't need them due to how mature they are....Myself I would love to see all girls finish school before deciding to have babies cause I quit school at 16 and got pregnant at 17. I am now 22 years old and on my second child and I wish I could go back and finish school and have a real income for my children instead of struggling so much. It can be extremely hard. I would never wish anything like this upon anyone....So I guess my answer to your question would be...People now days look down upon young girls that have kids because things were much easier back in the day and now it ain't so easy and girls back then were more mature and able to take care of their children now days young girls just want to run around and have fun and not take care of their own children. Do you understand where i'm coming from?

  • i understand were you are coming from because i am a teen mom myself and it is very hard to take care of a baby go to school and go to work and then i am trying to graduate next month but i miss a whole month of school due to me having my 1 month old son and that has had a alot of affect on my grades and me graduating....