• How do you get the line going up the middle of your belly to go away?? Its driving me crazy!! Ive already lost all my baby weight but still have that line shooting down the center of my belly!

  • I know how you feel! I had my son four months ago and i still have that line down my tummy! It takes 4ever to leave!

  • I just had my 3rd daughter, and that line appeared with each pregnancy (I'm 1/2 Hispanic)!  6 weeks after giving birth, and it's still here,and my belly button is really dark!!  I found the last 2 times moisturizing and exfoliation really helped, and eventually it did go away.  I'm still working on it this time around, but honestly haven't been diligent about it....I think I'm more relaxed about it this time because I know eventually it will disappear.