Parental temper tantrums

  • A few months ago I had a particularly horrendous day with the children. After I had all that I could take I went into the laundry room and counted to ten. That didn’t work, so I closed the door and screamed as loud as I could. When I came out Grant ran to me and said “Mommy, are you going crazy?” Of course, that was all it took to make me feel better. J  We always talk about toddler tantrums, but how do you handle your own temper tantrums?

  • I usually get time to relax in the evenings because my wife goes to sleep when our daughter does (she has to be up early many days). It helps me destress from whatever's pressing on me at the time. When life gets to much though I usually turn to my wife for help (and am always willing to do the same for her) - she'll watch Madison so I can get out of the house for the night. We both know how stressful life can be, and we work very hard to help each other through the really tough times.

  • it's not easy to keep ur cool when u do all u could do. I had that same temper tantrum not too long ago. I didn't handle it well and end up taking it out on my husband and my 3 month old daughter. I cried at what i did to my daughter when she give me the look of tears in her eyes. now I just ask my husband to take care of her til i am okay. He understand what I am going through when i am staying home with her. He travels everywhere on the railroad and on his offdays, he helps me when he can. I love him and our daughter. I don't want to ever see my daughter look at me like she did that day. Now i am a better mother to our daughter.
  • I had two big ones when I was pregnant with my younger daughter. I blame it on hormones, since I am usually very calm. I flipped out on someone who got a parking space that I was trying to get at the mall, and someone at the financial aid office at the school I went to. I know now that it was all of the stress that I was under, and unfortunately I did it once in front of my older daughter. She was actually scared of me when it happened because she'd never seen me get so angry. I needed to reassure her.

    In the heat of it, there was no reasoning with me, so I don't know if there would have been any way to prevent these events. When I feel I am getting close to the limits of my temper, I'll usually remove myself from the situation until I'm fit for polite company. Something about being pregnant, though...

  • Since joining the gym I find that the need to scream and yell has decreased significantly. I am much calmer now. I've always been really calm with my children, but had just gotten too stressed out. I finally feel like my old self again. Today however, I want to yell at my husband, so I will let you know how that goes. Wink