It’s Only Cute When My Child Does It

  • Riding in the car I looked back at my daughter as she amused herself with the noises she learned to make running her thumb over her lips. An otherwise annoying noise (and no doubt someday will become one) at that moment it was incredible endearing to see her do it. I realized there are many things my daughter does that annoy me when other people do it. Does your child do something “cute” that irks you when it isn’t him/her doing it?

  • This is absolutely gross, but my daughter picks her nose A LOT. Then she discusses it in length. She is too young to understand that this is repulsive to the entire rest of the world. It doesn't make me sick when she does it, but if it were any other kid I would gag. LOL.

  • Lol, mine has recently started picking hers. She's not talking yet but she loves to bring it over and show us. I've got my fingers crossed she moves on from that soon Wink.

  • My daughter is 4 and she still sucks her thumb and twirls her hair when she gets tired.  I've been around other girls that did this and I wondered why their parents let them do it.  Now that I have my own I realize that it just isn't worth the fight that would follow if I made her stop.  She only does it when she feels tired so I really don't feel it's that much of a problem.

  • I'm so glad you don't try to make her stop. She will most likely stop on her own. I bet it is cute! My son is 4 and still has a blankie. He calls it "stinky blank". He named it that when he was two. We tried to buy another blankie, so that we would have two. When we gave it to him he screamed at us "that is not my stinky blank!"

  • My daughter has a blankie too.  I guess I'm so used to it that I didn't even think to mention it.  I'm lucky enough that we're able to have two of them.  When she first started to get attached I went out and bought an extra.  Most of the time she'll use either one, but sometimes she has to have the "original"  One of them is very worn out and my mom embroidered a patch with her name on it for when she used to take it to daycare.

  • I was a blankie child too. My mom saved my tattered (and I mean REALLY tattered) blankie. I had it restored for Kenlee. She loves it and doesn't go anywhere without it. She is 21 months. If we lose it there is no replacing it. :)

  • I never had a blankie really, but I did have a favorite stuffed animal. Seems my daughter is following in my footsteps - lately she's favoring one stuffed animal (a puppy ) over the others (she was never really into most of them). She did have a blanket early on and for a brief period dragged it everwhere, but seems to have grown beyond that now (it was cute while she was doing it though).

  • When my little boy started wanting to take his blaket out I would sing a song!

      My blankie is for bed  that's what my mommy said when I have a sleepy head my blankie is for bed!

    It may sonund stupid but is worked!!!

    He is now 5 and still once in a while will try to take the blanket with him but he knows he is not allowed!

    I don't think there is anything wrong with having a blanket in bed!

    I am 34 and have a couple blankets every night! Its when they take it out that isn't good!

  • When my nearly 6 month old has just learned how to scream slash squiell when she does it i think it is soooo cute but anyone elses kid it would drive me up the wall.Smile

  • That's commonly known as the 7-month scream, primarily because that's about when they learn to do it and that's about how long it lasts!

    My daughter likes coloring her hands and feet with her sister's markers. It's very annoying to have to clean up, but she's so proud of herself when she does, you simply can't get mad. Of course she has to show the whole neighborhood, too.  

    And blankies, don't get me started. Both my girls have blankies. My 10-year-old keeps hers in her bed (more just to have it there than to actually sleep with it). My 2-year-old is still very attached to hers. We were able to get her to accept two of them, so one can go to daycare and one stays home. Lately she's become fussy about which one goes where. The pink one MUST be at home at all times now.