Parenting: A Private Club?

  • Being a parent make us all feel like we are part of a private club. With that membership comes  knowledge like: when I see my daughter swapping pacifiers back and forth just because two of them are on the table – only another parent is going to understand why that is worth a five minute story. What is your favorite part of being a member in this club? How do you explain it when others ask what it’s like?

  • My favorite part is finally being able to understand how my parents felt about me. I also love being able to share my experiences with parents when I am teaching them how to take care of their children. When a mom calls because her toddler is banging his head on a wall when he throws a tantrum, I can say "yep, been there." It gives me a compassion that I did not have before.

  • My favorite part of being a parent has to be that moment, every weekday, when she sees me coming to pick her up from daycare and this HUGE smile just breaks over her face! I can be having the WORST possible day imaginable and that single smile just makes all the bad things melt away as it pulls a delighted smile out of me at the same time.

    I also get a kick out of the indulgent smiles on the faces of friends and family that get it (those that are parentst) and the looks of bewilderment on the faces of those that don't, when I talk about her.

  • SmileYeah, it is very hard to be grumpy when your child is smiling at you.

  • Oh yeah it is! She's been a huge motivator for me to change my attitude. Before she was born I was sort of introverted and pessimistic all the time. I'm still pretty introverted (that probably won't change lol) but my outlook has gotten much better. It's hard to always be down and see the dark side of things when I want to make her future as bright as I possibly can.

  • I like being able to share a new understanding of the world with my husband. I'd been a single mom for more than three years when we met. And though he grew to love my daughter, he didn't really "get" why some things were so cute or funny or ironic to me until we had our own. Now he's hearing echoes of our older daughter in our little one's behavior and he gets it. I can send him a knowing look and he just smiles.