Eating out

  • My husband and I love to eat out. Or should I say we used to love eating out? Since having children it seems like it is not worth the effort. It feels like we spend the entire meal trying to keep them quiet and never even get to talk. By the time we leave dinner we are both exhausted. Now we reserve eating out for those rare times when we have a sitter. Do you still dine out? Share your tips and experiences.

  • We usually go out to lunch once a month (after my doctor's appointment) or we go to fast food.   My daughter does pretty well most of the time.  I've found out that if it's just our little family she does much better.  We went out with my boyfriend's whole family the other day and she ate well, but also acted up some.  The tough part is never knowing what to expect from her.

  • We just recently figured out that Mexican places are the best. They are loud, have tons of cool stuff on the walls, very laid back, and they bring out chips and cheese dip as soon as you get there.

  • Since our daughter has been born my husband & I have continued to go out eat as usual.  Luckily my daughter will either sleep thru us going out or if she does wake up while we are out she is normally okay unless she needs a diaper change.  We always make sure she has been feed before we ever leave the house.  The only problem we are having now is if you do have to take her out of the car seat to change her diaper she doesn't want to go back in it then she will throw a fit in a restaurant.

  • We're usually hit or miss when eating our with our daughter. Some days she will be fine (or need a toy/snack in front of her at most) other meals out are total disasters. We try to eat out a few times a month none-the-less just because it seems good for her to learn how to behave in public, and is nice to us not to have to cook or clean up every so often.

  • Being on a budget my husband and I don't eat out very often anymore, but we still have our weekly "us time" at our favorite breakfast place in town.  Thomas is too little to be out and about yet (he was 8 weeks premie and is only 3 weeks old now), so our sister will come by the apartment every Saturday morning around 10:00 for an hour and a half so that we can go out and spend some time together.  It's nice to have that "husband and wife" when we're spending all day every day as "mommy and daddy" and I think it's something that all parents should make time for.  It's important enough that even if once a week isn't possible it should be made a priority for at least once a month.

  • My husband and I still try to eat out at least twice a month.  We take our daughter, 6 months, along with us.  It helps to make sure she has a clean, fresh diaper and has had her dinner first.  We take a couple of toys for her and she usually stays entertained for an hour or so.  Anything longer and she becomes a bit fussy.  It is always best to plan your outings before or after scheduled nap times so that your child does not become fussy.

  • That is great LeslieAnn. I'm a little jealous. :) My husband and I almost never go out now. It is just too hard to find a sitter. Plus, I work a lot of evenings when he gets home, so that limits our time together.

  • Finances have really crushed our eating out habits in the last year. We usually order in once a week, but going out to a restaurant is next to impossible. First is the cost of the meal, then the cost of the sitter if my parents can't watch the kids.

    Can't take the kids with us because the little one is awful in restaurants. So it's really a treat when we're able to go out to dinner. We usually choose our favorite Italian place since we go there only like twice or three times a year.

    On the up side, it's been good on our waistlines!