Tell us about YOUR mom!!!

  • Every Mother's Day I am amazed at how much I love and respect my mother. Now that I am a mother of 4, I love and respect her even more!! She was always there for us when I was growing up and now that we are adults, she is the best Grandmother.  Show a little love for your mother and tell us why she is so wonderful!!!

  • Great idea! My mother was always the disciplinarian in our family, and although it led me to butt heads with her at times, I respect her greatly for taking on that role. As a parent now, I understand how it can be attractive to take the easy way out of a situation and my mother never did that becaase she knew it would hurt us down the road.

    To all the mothers, grandmothers and anyone who has helped filled the role of mother to people across the country, have a very joyful Mother's Day!

  • I am crazy about my mom she is my backbone always have been always will be I can call her for anything and she will come running just as she did when I was a kid. and she is also the best grandma. The saying if mom says no ask grandma her grandkids I think live by this they don't even give me a chance to say no they just ask her.

  • She was no Rockefeller but she'd give you her last dime, Not know as an Einstein but she'd help you do your homework, didn't think of herself like Marilynn Monroe but had a natural beauty woman pay for, her impact wasn't like Henry David Thoreau but she made the world better, she never ever claimed to be anything she wasn't & didn't even take credit for how great she was, she was my sun & moon & I miss my Mommy
  • LaurenRUth....that was amazing. Brought tears to my eyes!