I want to stay home!

  • I want so badly to work from home, but does anyone have any recommendations on companies that will allow that?  I have 9 years of Administrative Assistant experience and if I could find the right company I know I would be good at it.  I know you can't have your cake and eat it too, but I so badly want to be home with my daughter.  I'm tired of having someone else raise my child and I'm tired of going to an 8-5 job that will go no where...

    Thank You!

  • You CAN have your cake and eat it to! You just have to look and look hard. You can post your resume (and it has to be very well done) on Craigslist. You should also look daily at the Telecommute Job Listings on WAHM.com. Ratracerebellion.com has a section just for administrative assistants. It might take a while, but you can and will find something if you just keep looking and working hard. WAHM.com has message boards with a section for telecommute moms. There are job leads there every day. Keep in mind that you should never ever pay for work. Think outside of your comfort zone too. I saw a listing the other day for a job selling reading programs. It sounded legit and actually pretty fun, because the people you would be selling to were already interested in the program. The pay was great and the hours weren't bad. Good luck!

  • Admin skills are some of the most marketable for home work. There is an upswing in demand for virtual assistants. Definitely take a look at the sites BabyNurse recommended. Also refine your search terms on job sites like Monster or Careerbuilder to include words like "telecommute" and "virtual."

    You can also buy a subscription to HireMyMom.com. I've seen a lot of virtual assistant positions on it. Not sure if it's worth the money, yet.

  • Are you currently working? If so you can also speak with your employer about working remotely, or remotely part of the time at least. We have several people in my office that are full-time employees working from home, or who are able to work at home half of the week. It works really well for a lot them.

  • I know that there are a lot of things to do from home.  Sometimes your work will allow it, mine did for a couple of months but then they said "enough" and I either had to come back in 8 to 6 or quit.  So I quit and put my family and baby first.  I started up with a small business as a marketing executive and I have been really happy.  It is a lot of work but I am able to do it on my own time and be able to have my cake and eat it too!!  It has been great.  The WAHM websites are great as well for looking for work.