I need Some advice

  • I am needing some motherly advice. Well it all started two years ago when my now EX- husband commited domestic violence. He then was able to see our beautiful daughter who was then three years old. I worked five days a week and had put her in day care. She got sick and i then had to let her go to her dads so that he could care for her while she was sick. He then said that i couldn't have her back and that i would have to go see her there. So working all the hours that i did i agreed. But he let me think that we would get back together so we would have that happy family i had before he did what he did to me. Well long story short we then got divorced last year in march. He was able to get the best divorce lawyer in the state of idaho. I didn't have anyone to help me in idaho and couldn't afford a lawyer. So i got the state lawyer who told me that because i moved to utah to make a better life. He told me that they wouldn;t let me have my daughter because i live here in utah. So i agreed to let her live with him thinking that it was the best thing for her. Well i now pay child support and haven't got to talk to her or see her in 5 months. Then i sent her the gifts that i had got for her and waited hoping that he wouldn't send them back. Well he didn't send them back but wrote me this horrible note that i got today. It said that Emalie my daughter appriciated the gifts that i sent to her. Then puts Thanks brian and melissa. I had no idea who this women is that he has said is there. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my boyfriends child and my ex-husband put on this letter p.s congrats on your new child. How does he know i'm pregnant? What do i do? He doesn't answer the phone when i call to talk to my daughter. Is it because i moved on or that i'm pregnant and happy with someone else? Please tell me what to do.

  • Oddly enough I think I replied to this on FB, Baby Daddy/Momma Drama

    I hope it went well seeing as it's from 2010, but I saw the post on fb recently. I'm not sure why they would say it's your fault bc you moved. I'd say go back to try and get custody, explain that you left bc he physically abused you. As for him knowing you're pregnant, is he cool with your fam? friends? fb stalking you? He seems childish I hope it works out. Talk to a dif lawyer and see what you can do.

  • The bottom line is if he is able to afford a high-priced lawyer, then so should you, considering you were splitting assets at the time. You need to fight for your child! Sorry you have to go through this. Good luck!