Single mom's?

  • i am 18 years old and 3 months pregnant...and the father of my child didnt want anything to do with us since i told him the news !

  • yes! my babys dad left me when i was 7 mnths my son is now 4 months old. the dad isnt around and is starting a family with another girl!

  • yes i'm currently 4 months pregnant and my child's father doesn't do anything but hang in the streets and tell lies all the tyme and won't even answer the phone when ii call or come see me im a grown strong independent women that can manage and raise my child without him.....

  • once i had my daughter with my husband he decided that it was too hard being a parent so 2 weeks after she was born he filed for divorce on me.she is now 7 weeks old

  • yup mines all talk no walk...he already had two kids an absolutley no idea how to connect with them or teach them self worth and the kids didnt like being around him till i came (dont mean to toot my own horn)... should of left but i got attached to the kids. now im prego with his 3rd and NOTHING has changed even with all the promising. i left him 3 months ago and guess what??! nothings changed lol...was told he got it and learned his lesson but were still in the same spot we were 7 months ago..he's got alot of dreams but absolutley no will power to go through with them.. told him to come around the kid when he can accomplish somethin in his life and learns how to take care of him self and his other kids...i just feel bad for his other two..he has the money to raise them up decent but he wont..he wouldnt even buy them beds..i had to. his excuse was "they're only here wednesdays and every other weekend they dont need one" gave him 2 montha to change his mind or figure it out  and he didnt so i left he's etiher super selfish or just doesnt get it.. either way  i dont want my kid around either one 

  • 13 weeks pregnant, and yes, I will be a single mother, I have a lot of support through my family but...the father of my baby said he'll be around for the kid...just not me. funny how things change when a woman gets pregnant. its okay, it hurts but its okay. Everything happens for a reason. Through this experience I've grown a lot closer to God. When you feel you have nowhere to turn best thing to do is pray...God has all the answers.


  • Yes, my baby's father came for the birth from London and left when he was 10 days old, I was alone thru the entire pregnancy and my baby is a year old now and we have not heard from him since. 

  • I couldn't agree more w/ you.  I feel like all things happen for a reason, and God has a plan.  He has been so good to my son and I, and watched out for us in many instances.  I feel truly blessed!  Life's tough, but getting through these tough todays makes us have stronger tomorrows!

  • I am so glad that this topic was posted, as look at how many people it has touched! I want to echo one of the earlier post's and ask-who do you reach to for support? What coping mechanisms do you turn to when you are at the end of your rope? I'd love to hear from some of you!! I hope you will put this webboard on your list of who you reach to for support, as well as a coping mechanism-so I gave you the first answer to both questions! :) -Jess
  • I'm a single mother. My daughters father told me he didn't want the baby and it wasn't his. I havent heard from him since november 20th. I don't know where he is.

  • I just hate it that our children have fathers that are this lousy

  • I couldn't agree with you more!  My son is now 7 months old and his father has never seen him and doesn't care to.  He was all talk about wanting to be in his life yet he can't even call or come over to see his son.  He had me put his box of stuff on the front porch because he is too much of a coward to see me in person or his boy.  He is a firefighter and already a father to his triplet daughters.  I don't know how someone could choose to love some of their kids.  I never will understand, but will love my son that much more and we will be fine on our own.  My son deserves better than the loser father he has!

  • My son is now 7 months old and I have done it all on my own.  I gave up thinking that the father was going to be in my son's life.  That was the first step, acceptance.  I am not going to lie, it gets hard.  You have to tell yourself daily that you are a strong woman and you can do this.  Sometimes I would cry, but not in front of my son.  I would let it all out in the shower.  Just know that it is natural to cry and in ways healthy if you don't keep it all bottled up.  Also, accept help when offered by family and friends.  You are not super woman!  If you can afford a babysitter, try to get out once a month and have "me" time.  That has done wonders for me.  Now I learned what a blessing it is to not have to share my wonderful son.  He is mine and will grow up to be a well rounded man because of me and my choices and how I raised him.  For those of you who believe in religion, saying a prayer also helps when you are stressed.  Physical activity also helps me.  I will go for a jog on the stairs on break when at work.  I also played softball a few weeks on a summer league.  Hitting that ball felt great!  Just know you were brought to this and will be brought through this.

  • One suggestion is to find someone who can be a great role model to the baby and take him/her to do things that sometimes a dad would have done. Not that you can't do it but it's nice to have a break and to have someone you trust teaching your kids how a mature and responsible man acts. It's too bad that these fathers are so selfish as to not be involved with their children's lives. They are missing out on a good thing. Hang in there!
  • Im 35 weeks pregnant now and the father left me when i was around 3 months. He is really thinking about signing over his rights cause he hates kids and isnt ready. I told him a couple weeks ago that im at high risk early labor and that our baby boy is appearing small and is about 4.2 pounds and he didnt even care. I know its going to be tough being a single mom but im going to do my best and so should you. The father wants out so let him but you should get him for child support for your baby.  Just stay strong and dont stress out and do your best at being a single mother you will do great.