New to the Community

  • Hi,

    I'm a first time mom and new to the community.  I hope I can meet other moms just like me!


  • Welcome! We're glad to have you join us! Jump right in and join conversations or start new ones of your own. What's your baby's name and how old is s/he?

  • Welcome to StrongMoms!! I think you will really enjoy it here - so much encouragement and advice that everyone shares with each other. Join in the conversation! Tell us about your baby. :-)

  • hello im new hereBig Smile

  • Welcome to both of you! Do you have kids? How old are they? Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Just what i have read so far, i'm asking myself why i didn't get going on this earlier.  Reading so many helpful tips on things i wish i would have heard 9 months ago...  But, better to join things now than never.  :)

  • Smilinggirl9984: Better late than never is right! Congrats on your baby! So cute - I'd love to hear more about you. :-)

  • Thanks, he's becoming quite a ham, and quite the flirt...

    I'm 26, first time mom, single mom at that.  It hasn't been an easy road, but feels like the bumps are getting fewer and farther between, thank God!  People talk about being a mom is the toughest job in the world, and i never truly realized just how true that was till i became one.  It is also the best job in the world and am so grateful i was blessed with such a wonderful son.  Smile

  • HI! I seem to have missed the welcome bandwagon, so forgive me for being a bit late! Congrats on the baby, and YES LOTS OF WORK! What are you finding to be the best thing about being a new mom? What about the hardest? IS there anything that we can do to support you? Keep us posted and turn here for support-between changing diapers, feeding, rocking, ect! WELCOME! -Jess
  • This site is not only great for expectant moms and dads, but also has many categories that can help once your baby arrives. You can find information on helpful products, feeding and nutrition, general parenting and more. Ask a specific question or do what I do most of the time and browse everyone's comments for good ideas. Welcome aboard!

  • Hm, the best thing?  I think just his overall sunny disposition, how he can get me to do the funniest things just to get a reaction out of him, how his smile and/or laugh can light up a whole room as well as my heart!  Hardest part?   Doing it alone (without his father), i'm pretty good at being a glass half full kind of person which totally helps, but resentment towards his father still creeps its way in sometimes and my biggest goal is keeping that away from my son.  Its just hard to wrap my head around someone not wanting to be a part if this wonderful life he helped to create. His loss though....

    I have definitely been perusing the discussion boards and have found numerous helpful tips and advice.  I really wish i had looked into it in those early months....those were some tough times.

    Thanks guys!!  :)


  • monstermom2010-Welcome to the boards. I hope that you will take some time to post with questions, thoughts, fun things, and when in need of support. I'd love to get to know you better as your baby grows! WELCOME! Jess
  • Greetings my name is Seneca and I am new to the community. I will be expecting my first child this Autumn and I am so estatic about everything from breastfeeding, to when to start my baby registry, and enrolling myself in prenatal class to get more informative about the whole process.

  • Seneca-welcome to you as well. It sounds like you are very excited about having your baby. Look over the website here and you will find tons of great information as well as support. We are looking forward to getting to know you better! :) -Jess