The Mother's Day Gift

  • Every Mother’s Day I enjoy doing something extra special for my wife. Beyond flowers, cards, and a dinner out I like going the extra step by finding a way to make the day easier for her. Whether I clean the house, remedy an annoying inconvenience, or just do the laundry I do my best to de-stress her day. What do you like to do for, or have done by, your significant other on Mother’s Day?

  • This Mother's Day what I really want is to spend some time together having fun as a family.  We've been stressing about getting everything ready for the baby and we've been trying to get the house cleaned and organized, so we haven't really had any time to just relax and enjoy each other.  That's what I want for Mother's Day.

  • Sleep! The best gift for any occasion that my husband can give me is extra sleep. I need a lot of sleep and rarely get what I need. So anytime there's an excuse for some kind of present, a few hours of uninterrupted sleep is better than gold.