Alone mom

  • hey how have youbeen

  • Hey how have you been sorry I have not talked I couldn't find my password and username but how are you? 

  • Hi how have u been I lost my username and password 

  • Hi my name is mayra!iam 19 yrs old. i understand what youre going through my husband was in jail for 3 years. But got out last year! when he came out i got pregnant. We got married. we have our difeerences and its hard. we argue about everything everyday, nonstop. Its hard and iam always sad and down cuz i love him but hes just never want to stay home. hes always out with his friends and hes just youngminded. So we argue plenty. Its hard for em and the baby, The baby hears us arguing and he always cries. Iam trying to see what were going to do about our marriage because i dont want to put our baby in hell just becqause we cant geta long. I dont want you to get to that point. So think about whats best for your son. if you think things arent going to change , than you guys are just better off being parents than wife and husband. sadly to say there are plenty of couples who dont work out who have kids. And its better off just being apart. Kids wont understand at first but if you keep telling them what happened than  they will understand. Just be wise about your decision. But really dont go to people about what wrong. The person you should be talking to is ur baby daddy! An dtell him whats going on. Anybody can have an opinion and its not always right! Heres a suggestion read the bible and youll find your answer!

  • WAs that to mar25mar25 or to someone else ? 

  • sarah31911, your on the right place to ask for advise a lot of mothers here who is willing to support you. Your not alone, everything happens for a reason so just be happy and don't feel being alone.