• HI - I'm a new mom to the group.  I'm just looking to meet other first time moms.

  • Welcome!! I'm so glad you found us here on StrongMoms - there are a TON of first time moms on here supporting and encouraging one another. If you go to the various subject areas for messages and click on them, you fill find all kinds of message threads about eating, sleeping, play time, mom/dad relationship, etc. I, myself, am a first time mom! My little boy is 19 months old...I can't believe time has flown by like it has. He was just a little baby the other day, it seems! How are you adjusting to motherhood? Did you have a boy or girl? I'd love to hear more about you!

  • sannes01- WELCOME!!!! Just as Julie said there are tons of new mom's here on the site. I think that you will find this is a great place to bring your questions, concerns and get support. Before you know it you will be the one offering answers and support to others. Congrats on becoming a new mom! -Jessica
  • Welcome aboard! In addition to wonderful moms like Julie and Jess, there are even a few Dads kicking around here and there! I echo the ladies' thoughts but I think Strong moms has eveolved into whatever you need it to be... serious advice about parenting and relationships, information about products and services and sometimes just a site to shoot the breeze!

  • Welcome! So glad you found us here on Strong Moms! What ages are your children?