Managing three kids

  • Recently our wife and I welcomed our third daughter into our lives and we could not be happier. Of course, with every child comes a fresh set of anxieties. For anyone who has three kids or more, what are the biggest adjustments you make when the kids outnumber the parents?

  • Answer Dad- I love that last line to your post "When the kids outnumber the parents", brought a big smile to my face.  I don't have three children, but my grandmother (dad's side) had three boys.  She really had her hands full and those were the days when mom's didn't work!  I can imagine that having a really good household routine for weekdays and weekends as well would be very helpful.  Also electing the boys to help one another-so having the oldest sib take some leadership in helping the younger brother, and down the line.  This responsibility would be wonderful for the older brothers.  Additionally as the children get older I know that a lot of households have routine family meetings where issues are discussed and fun plans can be made as a family.  As for the years when they are all under 5 years old, I can imagine that a good sense of humor, the ability to not have to have things go perfectly, and a very strong marriage between mom and dad would be essential.  I look forward to hearing what others suggest!


  • My husband put it perfectly when we had our third child.... he said 
    "Well honey...I guess its time we switched from a man to man defense to a zone defense".

    If you are not familiar with sports, then this isn't that funny I guess! It is true though...when we had our third child we couldn't just say.."okay you watch him and I'll watch her.." Instead, we watched "zones" in our house. I gave baths while he watched them play in the backyard. It is tricky but you get used to it! I also learned that there were some places I just couldn't go....(can you say Six Flags!). If I want to go somewhere really crowded, I make sure we have strollers or more adults to help us watch everyone.

  • We definitely have used the zone defense line and it really fits! Thanks for some of the advice... we are learning by the day!

  • I have three children.  My youngest is four months, and I gotta be honest, when we found out we were gonna have another baby, I said "we already have two...whats one more"...WOW, so much is different, we might as well have five more for all the extra work.  And now that the baby is here my eight year old son and three year old daughter have started ganging up on my husband and I, that is when they arent trying to kill eachother.  I cant even begin to imagine what its going to be like around here when Isabella starts walking and joins their forces.  All I know for sure is that my husband and I are in TROUBLE.