How do you and your husband split up chores and parenting?

  • My husband and I decided to split up a few of the “time consuming” chores (like the laundry). He does the laundry and I fold and pick them all up. So far this arrangement is working out very well and has helped take some of the pressure off of me to do it all! How do you split up parenting time or chores? Is there a system that works best for you?


  • My wife and I have had this discussion, and we naturally have filled some roles. She can't cook, so I am the chef and grocery shopper. I am messy so she cleans and does laundry. Both of us fill many roles, and with three girls under 4, we usually are busy doing something most of the time!

  • We share most things but compromise on the things we hate to do. I hate scrubbing showers, so my husband does that for me while I fold laundry because he can't stand that chore. It's all about give and take!